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So not much news to report. I went out looking for movie editing software, only to come home empty handed not knowing which one to buy. I researched the products on the net and am glad I did, the one I was going to buy is apparently crap! I also downloaded a trial version of another one I saw (Sony Vegas Movie Studio) and am going to give it a try and see how easy it is to use and stuff. I have found the webcams can be a problem, sometimes the audio doesn’t want to sync with the video. I’ll have to experiment with that, killing background processes on the laptop and other open applications to see if that helps. Hopefully if I can make something I’m happy with (yeah right) I’ll get it up soon!

In other news, my mom sent me this link to Travel Channel’s “Most Haunted” website. You can download their “Ghost Detector” on your phone. Of course she didn’t know it’s 99 cents a month. I got it anyways, hell it’s 99 cents a month (plus data rate charges, but I have a media package add on I hardly use aside from the text message park, so I’m fine). I wanted to see how it works. It of course works on the principle that ghosts give off electromagnetic frequencies, and phones can pick them up. Honestly I don’t know if I REALLY believe it works all that well, but it does seem to register the normal hot spots in the house from time to time (IE the upstairs area!). To be really accurate I probably need to shut down the computers, routers and anything that gives off a wireless signal (not easy since we have a wireless alarm system in the house!) I’ve been trying to film it to put online, the problem is every time I start talking about it and how it works, mentioning ghosts and hauntings and stuff, it goes off 🙂



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Aravis Says:

I’m just glad to hear from you. Your last post was about staying home alone with the ghosts, and I was beginning to wonder if they got you after all!