My First Night Alone

Really nothing huge happened. The only visits from Mr. Ghost again seemed to be in my dreams. Not a peep out of him otherwise. I really tried to bring the animals upstairs, but Nikko is a little crapass when it comes to settling in on a bed. He has to jump off it and back on and back off if anything makes the slightest sound. Princess just sits there like, “please stop it.” He can’t sit still. I gave up and threw them out of the room 🙂 I intended to bring them back when I was ready to zonk out, but since I slept half the day away with a migraine, I stayed up far too late.

I spent the night in bed watching TV really. I pretty much finished “American Gothic.” The DVD set has them out of order, so the final episodes were on the next to last DVD. Brilliant! Anyways, I was in fact left with a cliff hanger. I also watched “Dead or Alive,” a movie based on the video game series. This movie bombed in what few theaters it was shown in and basically is panned by any and all review sites. Well it’s a movie based on a video game, therefore it’s destined to pretty much suck isn’t it? I think “Resident Evil” is the only really good game to movie translation I can think of. I do however enjoy watching “Mortal Kombat” whenever it’s on TBS (usually when they’re not showing “The Mummy.”) For what it was, it was entertaining and enjoyable. If you’ve never played the games, you’ll probably just not enjoy the movie. The games are fighting games, and are known for, well the scantily clad women and their bouncing breasts. The movie did its best staying true to that aspect! Otherwise they just seemed to make up some story that didn’t really follow any of the storylines for the characters in the games as far as I could tell. I guess it’s not easy making a storyline for a game that really is just about a bunch of people fighting in a tournament.

That was really my fun night alone in a nutshell.


3 Responses to “My First Night Alone”

boo1 Says:

Glad to hear Mr Ghost stayed away.


Aravis Says:

I hope the ghosts left you alone with your movies and your pups! :0)


Musicguy Says:

Glad you survived your first night alone! We’re now convinced that someone roams our halls from time to time. I wouldn’t mind a restless soul stopping over for tea every now and again- it’ll keep things interesting!