Oh Britney!

Like many Americans I am guessing, I only tuned into the VMA’s to see Britney Spears open it. If you missed this, um, performance? Well you can watch it over at MTV. What can I say about this mess? First, the media is making her out to be a fat cow, which she’s not. She’s full figured, she’s had two kids. She probably should have made better wardrobe choices, but she’s by no means a cow. I know Britney loves to lip sych, but for her come back performance it was one time she SHOULDN’T have! She also stopped singing at times, as if she got confused or scared. As for her dancing, did she forget how? Terrible! She was stiff as a board. It is clear that she was petrified during this whole thing. Unfortunately now she’s being crucified! I don’t know, can she over come this? Will people buy her new album? Sadly I really wanted her to rock it, just to show the world and media who all talked badly about her.



5 Responses to “Oh Britney!”

Rebecca Says:

Im still trying to find this “beer belly” that the media keeps saying that Britney has….She looks NORMAL, and now the media is making millions of people feel bad because if Britney is a fat cow, then everyone that is normal must be elephants or something…

There is alot of speculation about why it was a disaster….Sarah Silverman was rehearsing and Brit found out she was going to make fun of Brit’s kiddies..and uhh privates….There was supposed to be a Cris Angel collaboration that got cancelled at the last minute….she was drunk/high, etc etc.

But apparently someone said the next Brit single is supposed to be good?


Jenifer Says:

I think she just had so much going on; with all that mess she has been through that maybe she just probably did get nervous.

Let’s hopefully that she does loose up. I do think she’s good, but how her music I have no idea as I can’t even hear it with me being deaf!.

So we’ll see.


Thuy Says:

I really feel for Brit regarding the 2007 VMA’s. She is lucky that her body still looks good after two pregnancies. And this media scrutiny about her “beer belly”, it has to stop.


Shan Says:

I just watched the clip at mtv.com so that I could see what all the hype was about. I feel bad for her!! You could tell that she was nervous.
As for her “beer belly”, I would kill to look that good after 2 kids!!


Janelle Says:

OMG! She was a mess!