The VMAs are tonight! Does anyone care?

I was reminded that the MTV Video Music Awards were tonight . . . . does anyone care anymore? I had to go look to see who was nominated. Shocker, every category is dominated by hip hop or R&B, namely Justin Timberlake, Jay-Z and Beyonce. I did however see Carrie Underwood in one category . . . . yeah right! Like MTV has ever played one of her videos . . . . ever . . . .cause they don’t show videos anymore!

Is it my imagination, or has MTV actually reduced the amount of categories for awards? I love the “most earth shattering collaboration” award category. Proves to me that there is no originality left in what gets airplay nowadays.

I think I might have to launch a lawsuit against MTV soon. Why? Well 1) suing has become the American way to get rich and 2) MTV really needs to rename itself because it’s false advertising. I suggest RTV, for Real World/Road Rules Television. Really that’s all it is anymore.

As Kathy Griffen would say . . . . . suck it MTV, you have become redundant.

– Dustin


4 Responses to “The VMAs are tonight! Does anyone care?”

DWQ Online Says:

They should totally be required to change their name. They have proven their self worthless.


Rebecca Says:

I think the only reason why people care about this years VMAs is because Britney is opening the show tonight…..

The Canadian MTV, MuchMusic is starting to become more like MTV every year as well, but we also get MTV now, and ive never seen a music video being played when I skim through the channels


kiki Says:

What….please touch on the “comeback” of Britney…….SHE SUCKED!!!! I don’t think her “comeback” will be that great at all. She lip synced, if you can call it that, because half the time she didn’t even do that. It really looked like she forgot the words. My 11 y/o daughter basically said she looked like a S.L.U.T.


Aravis Says:

Couldn’t agree more…