Spiders and Sickness

Spider On The Porch So the spider came back tonight to spin his web on the front porch. I tried to take a photo of him and the web, but it was a bit hard. The web spans across the front steps of the porch, it’s huge. The spider isn’t so big, not as big as some of the ones from last year. They were huge suckers. Oh about the front door, the BF was stripping it to repaint it and well never finished it. That’s why it looks the way it does. Yeah he really needs to finish doing whatever he planned to do to it, but probably won’t till the winter.

The BF is now sick sick sick with my cold. He is in bed, slathered up with vicks. So much so that I can smell it as I go up the steps! Hopefully he’ll be recovered by this weekend when Keith comes, but somehow I doubt it. Kinda sucks to have Keith coming up when he’s sick and I’ve got my toe malady. The toe actually is much better today and seems to actually be healing. I’m crossing my fingers that the nail will hang on.


6 Responses to “Spiders and Sickness”

DWQ Online Says:

I really think you should just give the spiders your house and move on. They are obviously bigger than you and so just bite the bullet and let them have it. I know I would as I’m scared to freak of them.


Jenifer Says:

ewww!!! i can’t stand spider!!

Hope your bF feels better and your toe too!!


jeremy Says:

I HATE spiders. I almost died from a Black widow when I was a kid, so I hate them all!!



Becky Says:

Hey Jeremy, I had a run with a Black Widow when I was 5. I have the same fear and loathing for all spiders!

I hope your BF is feeling better Dustin. You two deserve a relaxing weekend with Keith.


Aravis Says:

Oh, I hope he feels better soon! Glad the toe is beginning to feel better, though.


*HelloKitty* Says:

OMG!! That spider is huge!! You should just go straight to the spider and spray it with bug spray.