Damn You Fergaliscious!

The past few days it seems every time I got into the car I would hear this song on the radio “Big Girls Don’t Cry.” I had no idea who sang it, but I really liked it. I still have a iTunes gift card from Xmas to use, I thought “Hey I found something to buy!” Well tonight I finally bothered to google it to find out who it was. Damnit! It’s fricken Fergie! I hate her! Don’t you hate it when you hear a song you like, have no idea who sings it, then when you find out you are revolted that you liked it? Grrrrrr!

Anyways here’s the youtube video for those who have never heard it.


5 Responses to “Damn You Fergaliscious!”

DWQ Online Says:

I love Fergie. 🙂 Sorry you don’t and sorry she sang this song. It’s not one of my favorites of hers. LOL 🙂


Kay Says:

Did you notice her boyfriend in the video is a Peter from Heroes?


Lesa Says:

So why don’t you like Fergie?
Awesome car in the video though.


Dustin Says:

I did notice her BF. I just don’t like her, I don’t know why lol.


Malia Says:

I keep hearing it on the radio. For a while it was The Fray on EVERY station, EVERY 30 min or so. Now is is Fergie. And I too hate the song, the worse thing, is that it has also been stuck in my head for 3 weeks now, and it haunts me.