Talk Sex With Sue

Only recently did we finally get the Oxygen Network, why it took so long I don’t know. Now not only can I watch Xena again, but “Talk Sex With Sue.” This show comes on Sunday nights at 11pm. I first saw this when the BF and I were in Florida on our first vacation together. We watched this little old lady hosting a call in sex show and getting very frank and graphic with her callers. It was hilarious! Now I get to watch Sue again. If you haven’t seen the show I highly recommend it. It may not be for everyone, especially those conservative when it comes to sex talk. Honestly though, everyone needs to watch this show. The callers often call in with some outrageous questions and Sue gives them no holds barred answers. Last night I was aghast at one of the questions. An adult woman, you could tell she was an adult by her voice which almost sounded like she was thirties or older, called in and asked “Is it true that if you abstain from sex for a year that you get your virginity back.” Sue of course told her no way, but I was just in shock that this woman asked this question. Where do people get these ideas? It goes to show how uneducated so many people in this country are when it comes to sex. It’s no wonder so many people are against the abstinence only programs being pushed in schools today. My state recently rejected millions of federal dollars because it required the teaching of ONLY abstinence and nothing else in schools.



8 Responses to “Talk Sex With Sue”

Rebecca Says:

I love Sue……its a pretty funny show. I actually heard of it when it was a radio talk show and I used to listen in when I was 13ish I think


The Persian Says:

I’ve seen her show before and agree, she is very frank, yet I am not uncomfortable watching an elderly lady talk this way for some reason. I mean I kind of was with Dr. Ruth.

That Virgin question was too much.


lovechild Says:

She is so great, I used to watch “Sunday Night Sex Show” with her, now I think it is called “Talk Sex” Her treasure chest is the best, that and her demonstrations. She is an incredible person as well and has been hugely responsible for many and some of the first clinics similar to Planned Parenthood in Canada.


Ricky Says:

I remember whem Dr.Ruth was on radio. Because my Mom was also German,and about the same age she really bugged Mom. BUT SHE WAS VERY SMART.

Next…..have you seen BORAT!!? Go see it.


DWQ Online Says:

I love Dr. Sue. I watched her daily for weeks and weeks when we got the Oxygen channel.


jeremy Says:

So many choices of where to put a comment!! I’d like to read your paper first off. Secondly, how do you feel now you’ve had a few days to consider your presentation? and what will you do now?

I love Sex with Sue, we get her here in Montreal on several channels. She is a real HOOOT!!



Dustin Says:

I have to edit the paper before I can give it to anyone. There are absolutely no citations in it and no bibliography, so as it stands it’s a work of plagiarism 🙂

I feel ehhh about it. I have to get back to work on the dissertation and submit more chapters to my advisor.


Aravis Says:

Perhaps the woman was thinking of the Born Again Virgin movement. Not quite sure how it works, other than that it’s made up of women who have had sex and then decide to abstain from further sex until marriage. But I don’t think there’s minimum of time you have to abstain before you qualify for the virgin label.

Then there’s the grotesque movement that is supposedly popular in South America. A coworker of mine was Colombian and told me that some of the women down there would get sewn up so that they were “virgins” again, occasionally doing this multiple times. I will never, ever get that.