The "Ask Dustin" Answers

No I didn’t forget 🙂 Here are the answers to the questions a few of you asked. If anyone has anything else to ask, just respond to this post, I’ll try and answer them.

HelloKitty Asked:
Okay I have a question which I hope is not too private for you, When did you first know you were gay?

Dustin Answers:
Looking back, I ALWAYS knew something was different about me. As a small child all my friends were girls, this continues to this day. I would rather hang out with the girls than the boys, I got along with them better. During my tween and teen years I did actually end up with a good bit of guy friends, but nowadays I’d rather just have girlfriends 🙂 When you are little you don’t think about things in terms of sex, so once you hit puberty you realize just who you are attracted to. But looking back, yeah I always knew something was different I just didn’t know what.

625 Asked:
Question: How many classes do you teach at the University? Do you like teaching? When/why did you become interested in anthropology?

Dustin Answers:
Right now none. I really enjoy teaching, but teaching is so much work. I need to get done with the PhD, I don’t need anymore distractions 🙂 I had always loved archaeology. I grew up in Northern Va outside of DC, so I went to the museums like the Smithsonian all the time. I fell in love with the mummies there, which by the way are no longer on display. From there I read books on Egypt, then I went through an Aztec, Maya and Inca phase. By time I got to undergrad I had to pick a major. It was then I found out archaeology was a subdiscipline of anthropology in the US. Everywhere else they are separate though. Anthropology is the study of human cultures, past and present. Anthropology covers cultural anthropology, archaeology, linguistic anthropology and biological or physical anthropology.

Karen Asked:
What I plan on doing after I get the PhD.

Dustin Answers:
Right now I just want to get the damn thing 🙂



5 Responses to “The “Ask Dustin” Answers”

Aravis Says:

I started studying archeology- a longtime love of mine- in college before drinking became more important. I love what you’ve chosen to do with your life, and am always here cheering you on! :0)


DWQ Online Says:

“I’d rather just have girlfriends” – I find that really funny because I hear it so much from gay men. However, as a gay man myself I prefer to have friends who are boys. I feel more relaxed and comfortable around them. When girls are around I always feel like I have to watch and monitor myself because of how easily offended they can be – of course this may be because of the girls I am around and not girls in general.


karen Says:

i love the DC museums. i have family just outside of DC and in maryland. i tell you, the best 4th of july fireworks are at the washington monument! it was all those museums that got me interested in the ancient past, but alas, i went into psychology and then into healthcare. but i love watching the discovery channel and learning new things. right now in intro to anthropology we are just on evolution (night class that only meets once a week).


Dustin Says:

DC does have the best fireworks. I love laying on the mall and feeling the ground shake, it’s the best 🙂


On This Day In History Says:

On This Day In History

I couldn’t understand some parts of this article, but it sounds interesting