Call Me Now Babies, I

I’m sure ALL of you recognize this lady. Yes my babies, it is Miss Cleo. Call her now to learn your future! Actually don’t, she isn’t working through the 1-900 numbers anymore because of lawsuits.

However she is in the news again. The Advocate has a story about Miss Cleo, who has come out. Yes, Miss Cleo is a lesbian. Did you see this coming babies?

I actually miss Miss Cleo. When I had insomnia problems I would often watch her infomercials. If she wasn’t on talking about her service and amazing radio DJs then I could always watch an infomercial of some Ron Popeil products. Of course we can’t talk about infomercials without mentioning the king of them, the great “Amazing Discoveries” infomercial which featured all sorts of things like DiDi7 knockoffs, as well as amazing solvents that would allow you to easily wipe paint off of furniture. No more scraping!



2 Responses to “Call Me Now Babies, I’ll Tell You A Secret!”

Emily Says:

Hello and how are you today??!!??!! I’m Miss Cleo.

Can I have your first name only and your birth date please?


DWQ Online Says:

Oh I could never stand those informercials. Ick!