Tivo Will Get Lots Of Use This Year!

Well that’s assuming everything I’m liking doesn’t get canceled, which is often the case. Tonight I tuned into the season premier of “Desperate Housewives.” Loved it! I hate that Kitty woman, or whatever Tom’s one night stands name is. She drives me bonkers, I feel so bad for Lynette. Orson is just gross, but I loved Bree going to the doctor because she had the big O. I also loved seeing Jackie from “Rosanne” as the new nosey neighbor. As for Susan, that English guy is up to no good, it’s so obvious. Mike better wake up soon!

After DH was this new show “Brothers and Sisters” which stars Sally Fields and Calista Flockhart. It was so damn good. Probably one of the best new shows I’ve seen in a long time. If you missed it head to ABC.com to watch it again for free. Seriously it was that good. I hope it doesn’t get canceled, which is probably what will happen. There were so many story lines and issues going on I don’t even know how to sum it up. Basically a family runs a food product company, which is secretly having financial problems. Calista has come home after two years of not speaking to her mother, she’s a conservative radio show host and at odds with half her family over her politics, the other half agree. Tons of marital problems. Throw in the gay brother and the vet brother and that sums it up.

In other news, I slammed my head into a beam in the attic today, I have a nice red welt on it. Then I smashed the side of it into something else, I think a door, I can’t even remember at this point. I’ll look lovely by time my relatives get here!



4 Responses to “Tivo Will Get Lots Of Use This Year!”

Marie Says:

Why do you think the English guy is up to no good with Susan? I didn’t get that vibe. I just figured she would start to fall for this guy and then either Mike or this guys wife would wake up and then Susan would be in the middle of a love triangle again. Is the guy that plays Orson the same one who played the “prince” in the original Dune? I’ll bet we find out that he didn’t kill his wife, that she just left and didn’t want him to find her. Now the parrot, I don’t know, maybe he did kill him but I am hoping he just let him go out in the wild or something. Poor Bree!


Dustin Says:

Whenever one of the single women gets involved with a man, he’s usually never any good lol.


Aravis Says:

Banging you head repeatedly? You know, you’re really not supposed to do that. It’s bad for you. Just a head’s up.

So to speak. ;0)


karen Says:

i agree, desperate housewives was awesome. i really do not like that one night stand person either, they need to find a way to get her the heck off the show. i don’t remember, did they even do a paternity test? i also really enjoyed brothers and sisters.