Here Come The Relatives!

So I opted not to go back to Jersey this weekend and stayed in Virginia. To hang out with my friends tonight I would have had to travel today and travel back tomorrow, thereby wasting a lot of hours both days. Those are hours I could spend doing work. Given my aunt and uncle come into town this week, I figure I may need all the working time this weekend I can get. I don’t know how much I’ll get done with them in town.

I spent most of today doing school work, I got a good bit of writing done so I’m happy. I am trying to debate whether to keep on working, but it’s late and I’m thinking of relaxing the rest of the night. If I do anything else it will be editing and revising only.

I also got a haircut today, which I badly needed. Unfortunately almost the last bit of my last dye job is gone, and I can see just how grey I am. I also can remember why, aside from the grey, I started coloring my hair. It’s a drab dirty dark blond/kinda brown color. Blech!

As I said my relatives are coming into town, bringing all their dogs. My aunt has two westies as well as a silkie terrier, the breed I couldn’t recall the other day. I’m going to give my two doggies a bath tomorrow so they are nice a clean to meet their cousins. I’m sure they will be filtly in a matter of days. Five dogs running around my mother’s back yard is going to be fun to watch. I’ll try and get some YouTube movies 🙂

Tomorrow I’m also meeting Keith, one of my cruise friends, for lunch. Can’t wait to go on the next cruise!



2 Responses to “Here Come The Relatives!”

Aravis Says:

It all sounds like fun. Have a great time!


DWQ Online Says:

Have fun. 🙂 Enjoy yourself.