This Is A Post About Many Things, Most Unrelated

The heat was terrible today, and in case you missed the forecast post before this, it’s only going to get worse the next two days. The heat loves to trigger my migraines, I’ve been trying to stay inside as much as possible, except when walking the dogs.

Speaking of the dogs, the lawn people cut the grass today. Well let me rephrase that, they cut the grass in the fields surrounding the house where I walk the dogs. I feel I need to get a lawnmower that collects the grass clippings and cut it all myself. They use mowers that just spray the grass back out onto the lawn and such. To my dogs this is better than crack. As long as the grass is attached to the ground they could care less. However if it’s in little clumps just shot out from the lawnmower then it becomes the tastiest thing in the world. I don’t get it. For the next week walking them will be a chore, they will want to just eat as much grass as they can. The fact that we aren’t going to get any rain soon will make it worse, the grass will just dry into little hard lumps and stick around even longer. Grrrr!

Today I officially broke a new weight record, and not in a good way. To celebrate me weighing more than I ever have in my entire life I took my fat ass not to the gym, but to Fuddruckers :(. Not exactly smart I know. I figure tomorrow is day 1 of a new month, good place to start with a new diet and exercise. I have to do this otherwise I know one day in the near future I’ll be on Jerry Springer or Maury Povich saying “I don’t know how is happened? I just like lounging on the couch, watching scary movies from Blockbuster and eating my pizza or burger. Then one day I was too fat to get off the couch and I’ve been stuck here ever since.”

Okay I may have exaggerated a bit there 🙂 Of course the real challenge will be FINDING time to actually exercise. Once I do the soap pages and then enough school work for the day, the day is over. Yes, getting to the gym is not going to be easy. I may have to do something I dread, start jogging! I’d rather Rollerblade, but I don’t feel the sidewalks up and down my road give enough room for a full Rollerblade workout. We shall see.

Totally switching topics, the 2006 Video Music Award Nominations were released today. For the first time in years I may bother to watch them. Madonna and The Chili Peppers got noms in almost every major category. I thought MTV had forgotten who they were a long time ago in favor of artists who put out one big song and are never seen again, to be replaced by the next TRL “it” band. Better yet, Mariah Carey isn’t nominated for ANYTHING for a change.



One Response to “This Is A Post About Many Things, Most Unrelated”

Aravis Says:

Good luck with finding the motivation to exercise. I always find it harder in the summer, when it’s so hot out. But get yourself to a gym and they’re likely to have air-conditioning at least.

As for the dogs and grass, our dogs have always happily eaten it as it grows, not unlike cows. Perhaps it’s because we’re surrounded by dairy farms, and there’s no shortage of that sort of role model? Who knows. Good luck stopping yours. :0)