Hot Stuff Baby

Uhg, as if I thought the heat couldn’t get worse! This is the actual heat, not what it’s going to feel like. They are saying 110 and 114 with the heat index.

I have more to rant and ramble about later. There is something I really want to talk about . . . but I can’t . . . cause I don’t know who may be reading . . .



2 Responses to “Hot Stuff Baby”

Musicguy Says:

I’ll take a blizzard anyday! Love the snow, hate the heat.


Ricky Says:

I know how you feel.In Denver, it was 98 degrees Sunday.Today it was 95 MAYBE WE WILL FINALLY get some RAIN tonight or tomorrow.My lawn stinks!!!! I really don’t want snow yet,JUST COOLER WEATHER.