Last night was pretty uneventful. Went to dinner at a local Irish pub. The food was good, the pub was WAY too smoky. Left wreaking like an ashtray (I hate that!) Then we went back to “the swingers club.” Okay it isn’t a swingers club, but after our incident the weekend before it will be forever thought of as that.

The club was PACKED! I had never seen it so packed. Everyone and anyone was there. I even ran into a friend from school I hadn’t seen in over a year. I always end up running into her at obscure clubs. The crowd was also a much younger crowd than I had seen before, so the music was geared towards them at the beginning of the evening (dreaded hip hop stuff). Fortunately the music changed later on.

The swinging couple did come back, which made me giggle. The woman even remembered my name and waved! I was sober this night so looked at them a little better. The wife reminded me a whole lot of one of my cousins when she was younger. Freaky! The husband was a giant, I didn’t realize how he towered over everything the night before. Anyways it was so packed they didn’t come over and we just sorta waved. Maybe I’ll see them next Friday and it will be less crowded.

The only eventful part of the night was when J’s platonic friend decided he didn’t want to be just friends anymore. Oh dear!

Tonight I went out with Em, her friends and sister. It was fun, but I was pooped from the night before and seem to have a stomach bug. It wasn’t a late night. I’m about to go to bed and watch “Saw 2” (probably not the best thing to watch with an already upset stomach!)


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  1. I just had to come back and see if you had gone to a swinging club. Thanks for posting a follow up to your night out. It clarified the swinging reference. x. ellie

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