So tomorrow night I’m going out to celebrate my friend J’s birthday. I’m meeting her and her friends at an Irish Pub in Philly for dinner and drinks, but from there it’s open. She’s told me her goal is to go dancing. I said I’m there, which she already knew. Even though I told her about the Sadam and Gamorah club, she thought it was hysterical and we do like the music there. I have a feeling I’m going to be back amongst the swingers, and J can be a bad influence on me if we get hit on! No I am obviously not going to go swinging, but there is a chance we will lead them on or grill them about exactly what it is they do (and want to do with us). Maybe this weekend I’ll have something funny to post. Then again it could turn out to be a harmless night.


3 Replies to “A Swinging Good Time”

  1. So this is totally random but I really love your soap sites. :-)well.. i’m more into passions than days but it’s still good. 🙂

    Have fun dancing.. 😀 i wish i could dance…

  2. (taps foot waiting patiently for a good swinger story) Hope you have a great time! Just remember,, clean underwear an asset for all occasions,, (or none at all,, lol).

  3. As one of ‘them’ (OH, GOD, AM I?) the idea of being ‘led on’ isn’t very nice! Most of us are just normal, nice people too. No need to grill — ask and they (we???)’ll tell.

    If you are curious, i’m documenting my experience on

    Hope you had fun!

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