It seems like every summer I end up having issues with my animals, which of course is the time of year my salary is down because I’m not teaching (that will change come next summer most likely). This year it’s just been problem after problem though. I need some good pet Karma to come my way!

First, Princess began having seizures. She’s coming up on 13 years old, so I was worried. After a round of antibiotics and being put on anti-seizure meds, they seem to have stopped. We still don’t know what caused them, whether it was an infection, age, or a brain issue. I still may have to have an MRI done on her, especially if they begin again.

While all this was going on, our ten year old cat Percy decided to up and become ill. He had been losing weight for awhile, but was always eating. I mean always begging for food. I had suspected it was a thyroid disorder, as we went through that with another cat. However he within two days stopped eating and became catatonic basically. Rushed him to the vet to find out his lungs were filled with fluid and tumors. We had to put him down. This especially sucked because he was the first cat that I felt was really mine. He slept with me when I took naps, always bugged me for food, and was really the only lap cat we had. We are now down to just Mew Mew and Grimm in the kitty department.

I had begun putting out feelers for a kitten on social media. I got lots of referrals, but a friend’s mother has a new litter and one is a black female. The first cat I ever had was a black girl, so I was sold. We should, knock on wood, be getting her in a few weeks if not sooner.

Then along came a crazy love bird. Someone pulled into the farm one morning and dumped a peach face love bird, in a fully stocked cage, in the parking lot and just drove off. What the hell! So we took it in, and I still don’t know what will happen to it. I need to get it to the vet for a check up. There are people to take it if we don’t want it. I’ve been waiting to see if the bird will calm down and warm up to sitting on my finger and singing to me. So far it hasn’t.

To add more drama to the mix, the rabbit decided to go into GI stasis. This is when they stop eating and pooping regularly, which can kill them. He’s been through it 2 or 3 times before, but he’s now 8 years old which is up there for a rabbit. So that, and the crazy bird, is what I’m dealing with now.