RIP Galahad

Well today is almost over, and that is a good thing, because it was a shitty ass day. We had to put our oldest cat down this morning. Galahad was 17 and lived a long life, but it was still sad. He was the last of the original three cats that John had when we met (pictured below). Uther went first, followed by Lance, and then in January we lost Moo Kitty. Galahad outlived them all. Most of the pictures below are from when he was younger and healthy. Over the past year or two he went from a plump kitty to a skinny one. He was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism last year and had been on medication ever since. He lost so much weight because of it.

So about a month ago we noticed his equilibrium was off whack. He was also ticking his head a lot. The vet worried with his age and hyperthyroidism that it was a brain issue, perhaps a lesion had formed. The only way to tell would be an expensive CT scan, and even if we found out it was a lesion he was 17 years old, what would we do with the knowledge? Surgery wasn’t really an option because of his age and other issues. We tried some antibiotics first to rule out some kind of infection in the inner ear or maybe a tooth that was bothering him. The meds seemed to work. His equilibrium got better and he wasn’t falling off things anymore. However he still had a bit of a tick in his head, and every now and then he got wobbly. This week he just all but stopped eating. He did that a month ago too, before we put him on the meds. But he seemed to get better after the meds. This time though he just wouldn’t eat no matter what. He would lick gravy or drink broth, but he didn’t want to eat. Then yesterday he had a few vomiting incidents. I think he also had more now that I think about it. I found dried vomit around the house in the AM too. However with cats, it’s not that odd to find puke somewhere. Last night though he basically laid down by the water dish, rested his head on it, and didn’t want to move. That was when we knew it was the end. Many of our other cats acted the same way when it was their time. They found a place in the house they liked, laid down and sort of became catatonic. We honestly didn’t think he would make it through the night, but he was still there this AM. I made the call to the vet and took him in and said goodbye.

We are down to just three cats now. I’m worried about Grimm. He has never been social and affectionate with us humans like Mew Mew and Percy are. He rarely jumps up on the couch to be petted or cuddle. He likes just being by himself. He even runs off when you approach him or reach out. Galahad was his cuddle buddy. They slept together and played together all the time. I don’t know what he’s going to do without him. Right now he’s just wandering the house, I think he’s wondering where his buddy is.


7 Responses to “RIP Galahad”

Connie Says:

I’m so, so sorry. *HUG*


Ericka Says:

So sorry Dustin. Having lost both a cat and a dog in recent years I totally understand your sorrow. Hugs to you and John.


Pat Cheney Says:

So sorry to hear Dustin. Losing a pet is the same as losing a child. Thoughts and hugs to you and John.


Debbi Price Says:

I’m so sorry 🙁


Gordon Says:

So sorry! He was a sweetie.


Jim Says:

So sorry to read this. Glad we had a chance to met him during our visit.


bren Says:

Dustin, I’m very sorry about Galahad.