Facebook Is No More

So after a year of my love-hate relationship with Facebook, I finally did it and just got rid of it all together. I had actually deleted all my status from past years, photos and videos awhile ago. Let me tell you that is not an easy thing to do going back to 2007. I would then periodically clean my wall of recent stuff. I don’t know why I started doing this honestly. I think it was my version of slowly trying to get myself off Facebook.

Lately though Facebook has been less fun for me and often would make me angry, upset and raise my blood pressure. I actually had deactivated the account last weekend and survived a week without it. My initial thoughts were to eventually go back and purge my friends list of all but close people that I knew and liked. However when I tried to do that, I found myself unable to. I felt bad about unfriending people, and the there was the issue “if I unfriend this one, but not that one, they are mutual friends and the first will know and wonder why I ditched them…” It just became too much, and I ended up deleting a whopping ten people and still had 305 friends, many I knew I should just get rid of but again couldn’t seem to be mean enough to do.

So I the end I decided the easiest thing was to get rid of it. Now Facebook does not make this easy at all. You have to google to find the real way to delete, not deactivate your Facebook. They also don’t immediately delete it, you have to not log in for 14 whole days and then they remove it. It unfortunately becomes really easy to end up changing your mind and saving it from permanent deletion. I know! There is also the “connected apps” that can accidentally revive your Facebook. So I resorted to drastic measures. I went and unfriended all 305 people. That way there wasn’t much to bring me back. Then I made a random email on my server I would never remember, made that my default Facebook email, set the account to permanently delete … then deleted the random email I made so I again couldn’t retrieve it! Yeah, that was way too much work to get rid of Facebook!

Now I actually have to let what I did sink in and get used to not being on it. I do wish I had saved a few contacts that I now realize I didn’t have in my phone. However if someone really wonders where I went to and really wants to find me, it’s not hard to do that for me with Google. I imagine this blog may be getting a few more hits over this week from people doing just that. Who knows, maybe now I’ll actually blog more, because what I would normally share on Facebook I can post here. I think I am gunna need a new blog category for “John’s Brother Stories.”


9 Responses to “Facebook Is No More”

Debbi Price Says:

I will miss you on Facebook, but I understand why you did it. And yes, you need a blog for stories about John’s brother. 😉


Collateral Kin Says:

Have you read Gershon’s “The Breakup 2.0”? I find a little anthropology helps in situations such as these. ????


Pat Cheney Says:

So sorry you deleted Facebook but I will still follow you here-even though we have never met, have been following you for years and still look forward to reading your posts. Even planning a layover in the late summer just so I can drive out and see John’s farm market.

Hang in there-you have a multitude of loyal followers!


Dustin Says:

Let me know when you will be in the area, I would love to finally meet you!

I’m hoping in 2016 we will finally get back to Florida too 🙂


Blanca Rivas Says:

I’m sad to see you off of FB, I enjoyed your funny posts and pictures! I’ve followed you for more than half my life starting on the DOOLS page and I can’t imagine not following up on your life though I’ve never met you! You have many fans. 😉


Karen Callis Says:

Do you have my personal email? I still want to keep in touch. I will miss your posts.


Donna Standridge Says:

I wondered what happened to you. Don’t blame you. FB makes my ears turn red sometimes, too. Guess I’ll just have to stalk you here for the stories and tipsy-posts I love so much… 😀


Robb Sewell-Wolff Says:

Now I know why I haven’t seen you on FB lately. It’s definitely a loss ’cause you were one of the damn best Facebook people out there. Your posts were always fun to read. But I understand your decision to leave. I’m getting close to that decision myself. Be well but keep your hands off Alcide. That’s an order!


Sue Debus Says:

Facebook sucks without you. Your blog is probably better. The house looks great. Did you survive John’s brother?