OMG! It’s going to be October this weekend, which means my thoughts have gone towards decorating. Of course my gifts from John have helped push me there too, along with the opening of all the Halloween stores. I vowed to be good this year and not buy too much, otherwise I’ll need a bigger yard!

I have decided this year I will only buy very cheap stuff 🙂 I have to replace the cobwebs and “freaky fabrics” I use – CHEAP! I also bought some fun “spider lights” for the side of the house I expanded to last year – after a car plowed through the bushes leaving a gaping hole to be filled. I also bought a cheap $15 dollar ghost from target to hang there as well. I decided the material was light weight (and durable), it was cheap, so I would’t cry if the weather killed it – which I did after the rain killed one last year . . . . what a headache I had trying to rebuild him!

The weather really has been my main concern this year. The past few years we got a few nasty nor’easters that required fixing the outside decore a bit. I have gotten fairly good at securing stuff mind you. But the past two months have just been a lot of rain, way more than we are used to. I have to be mindful this year of where to place things and make the best use of our minimum covered porch space to protect things. I admit, I had thought of scrapping decorating all together or keeping it at a very bare minimum, the lights only. However I have to use what John gave me, it would be criminal not to! So I’m trying to figure out where to put things that are the most sheltered.

Anyways, to change the subject entirely, here are some more Monster Mania photos! No more Monster Mania’s till next March . . . what will I do? Oh there is Chiller Con at the end of the month . . .

Pam and Holly from “True Blood” — Anthony Michael Hall – Farmer Ted!
Zach Galligan “Gremlins” — Tom Atkins “The Fog” — Claire Higgins “Hellraiser”

Yes, some of the photos aren’t the best, we’ll chalk it up to jet lagged stars! Next time I won’t try and meet everyone the first night! They need rest 🙂

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  1. Ah, my favorite holiday. I look forward to seeing your decorations every year. I remember what a nightmare it was last time, but am glad that you’re not letting that stop you now. :0)

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