Holidays! Oh Yeah, Oh Yeah, Celebrates!

The holidays are all quickly approaching, and I really need time to slow down just a little for me right now. So much going on!

Anyway, Moo Kitty had his second surgery. He seems to be feeling and doing much better. He still has to gag down nasty pills. He is also still peeing in places he shouldn’t. He has a few places he likes to go. It’s odd too, as he’s not squatting and peeing. He’s shaking his butt and it dribbles out. I almost feel like he’s trying to spray and mark territory, which is why I feel he’s doing this out of spite more than anything.

I’m going to go buy a squirt gun and nail him every time he tries it from now on. Healing time and sympathy is over! He is stinking up the house and just being a shit as far as I’m concerned.

Anyway, I have wanted a pair of the below for years, but never bought them. I found some fairly cheap and finally splurged. Adult jammies with the feet just like when we were kids! Well almost. These button up, so no getting the peepee caught in a zipper.

I doubt I will wear them all that much honestly, as it isn’t something I can go walking the dogs in easily 🙂 Well maybe with a coat and some . . . gasp . . . crocks it might work. That however is just a fashion disaster on so many levels.

I really got them to sit around in and watch Christmas specials and movies in 😛


6 Responses to “Holidays! Oh Yeah, Oh Yeah, Celebrates!”

Lin aka WV Nan Says:

Love them!!! More than anything–love seeing the smile on your face. So will you share where you got them—would love to find ones for Jen and Erin!

Start planning those Christmas decorations!


Sean Says:

I’m glad Moo Kitty seems to be improving. Have you tried moving the litter box downstairs or just adding one until she’s better?


Dustin Says:

The litterboxes are in the basement. He clearly gets down there to poop, cause he’s not doing that upstairs. It’s just peeing. We can’t have them up here unfortunately because of the dogs.

I got them off amazon. Search for Big Feet Pajamas. They also have a website. Of note though, definitely order one size LARGER than what they recommend! I got the Medium, and I was on the cusp of Medium/Small. The Medium just fits me, I cannot image someone else 1 to 2 inches taller getting into it (which it said it was for).


Megan Says:

don’t squirt poor kitty with a squirt gun! Just get an old hairspray like bottle and rinse it then “mist” him with water. I do that to my kittens when they are naughty and it works like a charm!!


Heidi Says:

Are you going to bring those jammies to wear on the cruise?? LOL


boo1 Says:

LOL, I love the Jammies!