Karma Chameleon Monster!

So I decided to do the cruise in January . . . and then the Karma Chameleon Monster bit. Today when I got home, Moo Kitty had accidents all over the house. At first I thought he was puking, but it was more. It seemed he was leaking a lot of nasty fluids. I took him back to the vet . . . . yup he’s got an infection! They drained as much as they could, and now he’s on 14 days of antibiotics. He is unfortunately over taking pills, so I have to find ways to get them in. One is particularly bitter, and on first attempt he chocked on it and his mouth foamed and what was left eventually came back out. This is going to be fun! Oh and on Tuesday he has to have another operation to clean up this infection and have the inner incision checked and possibly replaced. This was MORE money I had NOT anticipated spending . . . .

Let’s enjoy some photos of Moo Kitty when he was a kitten, and when he first met Percy.


2 Responses to “Karma Chameleon Monster!”

Sherri Says:

I sure do hope Moo Kitty can be on the mend soon. You may have already tried this but they make pill pockets for cats (hollow soft treats to hide pills in) but they don’t always work especially if the pill is bitter or has a strong odor. I’ve also had to use tuna in oil, tried margarine as well. Don’t know if any of these will help but wanted to pass on the info. just in case.
Take Care.


brand new w Says:

i love the one where he meets Percy!!!