Halloween House of Horrors 2010!

Sadly yes, the Christmas Snowflakes are still on the house, cause someone won’t bring back the ladder to remove them 🙂


5 Responses to “Halloween House of Horrors 2010!”

Lin aka WV Nan Says:

WOW–the display is amazing. The giant spider is the ugliest thing I’ve ever seen!!! You’ve done a wonderful job–now take the time to enjoy.


BasketRN Says:

Awesome decorating, as always, Dustin! Wanna come and do mine? lol


mlp Says:

Wow! You have really outdone yourself, it looks great. That bearded guy with the striped shirt is especially TERRIFYING!!! 🙂 Here’s hoping no windstorms head your way this year!


Aravis Says:

Your place looks awesome! Wish I could go trick-or-treating there!


Becky Says:

It looks great! You do an awesome job with decorating. Did everything stand up to the winds?