Baby Jesus Hates My Halloween House!

I did begin decorating this weekend, with the one day of sun and nice weather we had that is. Last week rain (okay a monsoon) took my ghost in the trees down. I knew he shouldn’t go there, as he was made of a lot of carboard and paper. But I thought the trees might shelter him enough. Nope! He was a blob of goop one morning. I rebuilt him with plastic table covers and now he’s a little more water proof.

I ended up, however, putting Jason in the woods. I thought he was more water proof, but monsoon #2 drenched him and he fell down as I didn’t have him tied up very well. Here is hoping he’s now secure.

I got the majority of the stuff up on the porch, and put the graveyard out as well. I hopefully have everything secured so things won’t blow down the street like they did last year!

I still have a lot to do, like restring the bushes with lights, cobweb them, oh yeah and take down the snowflake Christmas lights from last year 🙂 This week looks to be wet all week, so who knows when I’ll find time to finish it all. Hopefully we’ll have a few more dry days coming up soon.


6 Responses to “Baby Jesus Hates My Halloween House!”

Lin aka WV Nan Says:

Hi Dustin—looks realy nice so far! Why take down the snowflakes—they will be going up again soon—they won’t be lit with the other decorations wiil they? The porch looks so different this year–is it because of allof the clearing you did?

The fourth picture–is that where the car drove through? Really nice touch!

Don’t forget to show us pics of the inside!

I’ll be in Palmyra for Halloween. Friends School is having Grandparents Day on Firday of that weekend.

Lin aka wvnan


Heidi Says:

We had so much rain here in MN last week that we had severe flooding. One small town lost 2/3 of the houses there. It was very devastating to some other towns also. Luckily my family doesn’t live anywhere near water so we were okay.


Dustin Says:

Yes thats where the car drove onto our lawn lol. I cleaned more of it out though.

I have’t done anything inside, and might not do too much this year. We’ll see how I feel this weekend. Inside I have put up a halloween village of john’s, but it’s always a beyotch to put away (along with everything outside).

As for flooding, yeah as usual our basement got hit.


grammie97 Says:

I know I’m suppose to be looking at the decorations, but wow….the yard in the pictures looks so great….you really did a nice job clearing and cleaning up the yard….I could use some of your talent out here in the west….so when you get a free minute…….:)


Becky Says:

I love it….its looking great!


Aravis Says:

Looks awesome! And don’t let Baby Jesus get you down. He’s been hating on your Halloween decorations for years but you keep right on going. *G*