If Your Child Is Screaming, Leave The Store!

I had a migraine coming on today, and was basically out of meds. I thought I could make a quick trip to the store to get some, as well as pick up a few other things. At the time it seemed the headache wasn’t that bad. I was wrong, in the middle of the store I got hit hard, to the point where I thought I might toss my cookies right in the frozen foods aisle. I just grabbed the meds at that point and headed to the check out with what few things were in my cart.

Of course the fact that a woman elsewhere in the store was shopping while her child had a screaming fit didn’t help. It also didn’t help that no matter where in the store you were, you could hear this child. Then of course she ends up right next to me in the check out with her screaming child, and she is doing nothing about it. She is simply ignoring this child’s fit.

Now I know a little bit about child rearing techniques, and I know one school of thought is to ignore your child’s tantrums. However not when they are doing it in public! Shut the kid up or LEAVE. You are a public nuisance!

You know when she finally started yelling at the kid to stop it? As she was LEAVING the store in front of me with all her paid groceries! Really lady?

I should have taken her photo right in her face and told her it was because I was posting her on the internet.

I was in such pain, and wanted so badly to unleash a “Christmas Story” like tirade of obscenities on this woman. I also had decided if I puked, I would aim it at her and her screaming child. But I didn’t. And then when I got home I saw a story on the news . . . .

Apparently a man in Wisconnsin did just that to a woman who was in the express checkout with FAR too many items. Been there, done that, see it ALL the time! He of course went a little overboard, calling her fat and disgusting. I wouldn’t have resorted to personal attacks beyond their stupidity and inability to either read, count, or use common sense 🙂

You know what happened? He got cited and fine over $400 dollars for disorderly public conduct.


One Response to “If Your Child Is Screaming, Leave The Store!”

Janelle Says:

I am one of those bad moms that when her kids act up in public, I tend to cater to them to make them shut up so as not to cause a scene like the one you spoke of. I know how annoying a screaming kid can be, so I try not let my kids ever be “that screaming kid” but yes, you are right, that not the school of thought. But damn if I’m gonna leave the store just to come back. Nope. Once I’m there shopping, I’m there! So, it’s really the perfect time for my kids to act up. Luckily, they don’t do it too too much and never really have. They haven’t caught on to my weakness, LOL 🙂