Lawn Ornament

I can’t take much more excitement or my heart might give out. I was just about to watch a movie when I heard the most horrific sound. Ran to look, an a car was parked on the corner of the lawn feet away from our porch, narrowly missing a giant tree.

1) Nobody is dead
2) I no longer have to cut those bushes and saplings growing there down
3) I was moments ago right there with the dogs – scary!

Jason or something scary would be fun to set up here haha! I actually now have to motivate enough to cut everything else down, cause this looks pretty bad from the road.


6 Responses to “Lawn Ornament”

Lin aka WV Nan Says:

Thank God that you moved inside. Dustin–you either make us laugh or cry now you make us shiver with what could have been.

Did you find out why someone decided to run into your yard–alcohol, rain, cell phone, texting?

Glad you are ok.


Dustin Says:

It sounds like some woman pulled out of the farm without looking (which people constantly do), cut this guy off, he swerved to miss her and ended up on our lawn.


Sherri Says:

Dustin, glad that everyone is ok in the end. Still checking in just haven’t posted a reply in awhile 🙂


Becky Says:

Wow. That’s scary. Glad that you and the dogs are ok.


glittermom Says:

Is that your new lawn care service?


Tricia Says:

Glad you are okay Dustin. 🙂 & safe. Miss you on facebook 🙁