We Have A Patio, A Crippled Fountain And A Grill!

I finished sweeping and clearing off the patio this morning. Tried to power spray the dirt away and really clean it, but it’s not working too well. Ending up having to just shovel the mud film left after I sprayed. I set up the fountain again. Poor Pan got knocked off long ago and the fountain filled with dirt and crud. I’m amazed it still works, but Pan has suffered a serious leg injury . . . . poor guy.

As you can see I have my grill out to grill this weekend. Happy Fourth everyone! I’m actually grilling tonight. Unfortunately here it’s going to be 97 degrees on the fourth and 99 on Monday and Tuesday. Not sure how many people will actually brave that to go to Philly to see fireworks. We’re not! I’m hoping John gets off work early enough tomorrow and he’s not too tired that we can go out to eat and see the fireworks from the parking lot after. That’s what we did last year if I recall.

Oh and to show that once upon a time, our yard did actually look really nice . . . . a photo from six years ago. Princess playing in the flowers. I think this is actually the day I brought her home, or very shortly after.


4 Responses to “We Have A Patio, A Crippled Fountain And A Grill!”

sean Says:

Wow! You must be tired from all the work. It’s paying off though because it looks great.


Lin aka WV Nan Says:

Dustin–this is amazing. could not see a patio from the picture the other day–but you have definitley worked a miracle!!! Princess is so tiny and darn cute! Have a safe 4th—just finished with cookout today—ready for shower and Boston Pops.

Keep the pictures coming–hard work but what results!



Desiree Gould Says:

Looks pretty wonderful to me …. The flower bed with the doggie looks exquisite. All else will come in time … Work pays off !! You are doing a fabulous job.


Aravis Says:

I’ve been following along with all of your hard work and I’ve got to tell you, it looks amazing! You’ve busted your ass and it shows. I’m impressed!