Progressing Slowely . . . .

So here was the front areas of the house before . . . .

And here is what they look like now! I got all the ivy off the steps, the porch and the pillars. That was a bitch to do! I also trimmed the hedges as best as I could, till John’s ancient hedge trimmer crapped out on me. It still works, somewhat. The house also needs to be repainted badly, as the ivy took the paint down with it. Yeah I know, the snowflakes are still up. John will have to take them down, I’m not climbing that high!

There is still a lot to do though. I really want to get all the weeds from under this area cut/pulled and then just put down a nice layer of mulch to keep them away! Oh and I put up a new “flag,” but you might not be able to tell in these photos.

The back of the house is coming along too. I massacred the whole area outside the kitchen window and next to it. I still have a lot to pull out from there, then more mulch. I need a ladder to take down the remaining weeds over the window too. That is tomorrows task.

I also found our back porch under all the ivy! I’m gunna try and clean it up tomorrow some more so I can BBQ out there. I bought a cheapo 30 buck grill that works great. Gunna BBQ for the 4th and some friends are coming over. I made a cheesecake for dessert too! I just have to hope John doesn’t eat it all before they can try some of it.


2 Responses to “Progressing Slowely . . . .”

Lin aka WV Nan Says:

WOW–what an amazing difference! You should be very proud of yourself. I hope you continue to post the before and after. One question—where did you haul all of the weeds and stuff?

Lin aka WV Nan


Dustin Says:

Haha, well I bought two compost bins. But filled them in like 2 days. So now I just have this GIANT pile I’m making behind the barn :-\ am hoping it will compost down eventually, it might take a few years 🙂