So yeah, I got a lot done. I had it in my mind I would get more done than I did, but I also didn’t plan to get sunburned to hell and back and end up with such sore muscles . . . but what a workout!

Above are shots of what the barnyard garden area now looks like. You can compare with some of the earlier shots in the two posts previous to this one. Where to begin? After spraying with weed killer for a few days, then going in and chopping 4 foot wilting poke weeds down, I had my work cut out for me. After I cleared everything away from the fence, I took down the old metal wire fence that was nailed to the wooded one. That was fun . . . NOT! The wooden fence , as you can see, is in need of repair if it is to stay.

The old dog house was too heavy for me to lift out, and I didn’t feel like tearing it apart at the moment. I ended up putting it in the corner where the groundhogs like to dig and make a mess. I filled in their holes first and then put it right on top. Hopefully they’ll find somewhere else to go now.

The compost bins I set up in the back, and they are full. I ended up making a large pile in the back which you can also see. Originally it was old tree branches and saplings I cut down that I was going to have hauled off, but I ended up just turning it into a compost pile with all the crap I cleared out from the garden area that I had no place to put. Hopefully it will cook down, we’ll see!

I moved the topsy-turveys into the garden along the back fence, they were out in front of the whole area, which you can see in a post below. You can also see how many saplings I had to cut down in that photo as well. I know that’s not very green, but the lack of yard upkeep has caused them to shoot up all around the house and they have to go, otherwise they’ll take down the house and garage eventually.

I ended today with tilling as much of the soil in the garden area as I could and trying to level everything out. Between the gopher holes, the giant roots of weeds I had to split and dig out, and probably old crop roots that were still down there . . . the ground is anything but level. I put down a bunch of weed preventer and am going to just let it settle for a few days. I have a few bags of organic garden soil and garden manure to eventually put down and then work in. Then I can try and plant a few things . . . though yeah it’s late in the season. I have a few plants I bought that just have to be transplanted.

The one thing still left is the weeds by the front of the fence, which are all mixed in with the over grown spider ferns (or whatever those plants are). I am gunna have to cut them down and then see how bad the weeds are. I might end up ripping them all out. Along the other two sides of the fence I put down some sunflower seeds to see what, if anything, might happen. Again, I know I’m off to a late start 🙂 Really I just want to clean the yard up so that come next year we can plant and make it all look nice.

I had hopes to tackle more than the garden area this weekend, but that didn’t happen. The rock wall in first photo above used to actually be nice and full of pretty red and yellow flowers. Now ivy has overtaken the half nearest the house, and other weeds and brush the other side. The second photo is of the side of the house where they ivy has gone nuts. There actually is a cement porch under there, and at one time a stone walkway up to the terrace the rock wall creates. I tried to rake and cut the ivy out, but gave up after thirty minutes. Now I’m just soaking it with ivy and weed killer until it all dies and is easier to take out.

The weather on Sunday has cut into yard work and I ended early. It can’t decide if it wants to storm or what out, it’s just very windy and spitting some. My aching muscles need a rest anyways. TV is calling!

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  1. Amazing—doesn’t look like the same place. I’m glad you are taking before and after pictures. Bet you are sore–but pleased that you have made progress. Any comments from John? Congrats on the hard work and determination–now—how’s the paper coming?

  2. I’m so impressed with everything you’ve accomplished. I know you’re suffering from a nasty case of poison ivy. I’m guessing it came from the area pictured? Did you manage to clear out that terrace? It’s going to look beautiful when you’re done.

    Good luck with the writing boot camp. I know it’s started already. Has it warmed up at all? *G*

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