So here are some photos from my trip with some quick descriptions.

Mall of America Park

Mall of America Coasters

Drag Queens in Rochester!

Drag Queens! Lady Boys meet Sailor Moon?

The House On The Rock House On The rock Garden

The House on the Rock from afar, and the gardens.
Giant Chandelier Giant Carousel

Giant chandelier from the organ room, giant carousel

Baby Jesus! Mikado Organ

I found Baby Jesus at the House on the Rock! The Mikado Pipe Organ

The infinity Room

The Infinity Room

Creepy Doll Carousel Killer doll!

Creepy Doll Carousel , Creepy Killer Doll (in the back)

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  1. It looks like an awesome trip!

    Before I scrolled down all I could see was the ceiling of the mall, and it looked like the ceiling of the Jeffersonian lab in Bones. *G*

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