Flying Out Tomorrow!

We drove down to Virginia today to drop the dogs off with my mom and then fly out in the morning. Waking up at 4:45am and then off to the airport by 5:30. Kill me now! Oh I will be sleeping on the plane, I just hope there is no nightmare like the HotLanta mess or even when we flew out last year for our annual vacation (planes delayed forever due to an ice storm up in Boston).

Twitter posts should start back up tonight and be daily digests around midnight each night, detailing whatever I sent out that day. Of course once we get on the boat on Sunday, twitter recaps will drop off. Last year I somehow lucked out and the internet was broken or not working right, so it never subtracted my pre-bought minutes until the very last day, so I was on all the time 🙂 Here is hoping I can get that luck again?


3 Responses to “Flying Out Tomorrow!”

BlogspotBecky Says:

have fun 😀


grammie97 Says:

Have a really great time and bring back some nice warm weather!!! Thrilled with the tweets being back….thanks….


Aravis Says:

Here’s hoping you get that luck again but, if you don’t, have an awesome trip!