Bah Humbug! So tonight I went to the movies. Originally I had intended to see “The Forth Kind,” but I have enough sleeping issues as is and I figured being paranoid aliens might come for me wouldn’t help. So I opted to go see “A Christmas Carol” instead.

Now I honestly had no intention of seeing it this early, since it is too early for Christmas. They could have waited for Thanksgiving when Santa arrives at the Macy’s parade. However long-time blog readers know I love my Baby-Jesus’ birthday related specials, and “A Christmas Carol” is probably my favorite. I have seen every version, I own most of them. So Disney and Mr. Robert Zemeckis had a big fan to please! I’m happy to report the movie was amazing! I could even tolerate Jim Carrey, who normally annoys me to no end. He was in fact really good in this movie.

I think I don’t have to tell you what this movie is about. If you don’t know what it’s about, well then I’m afraid you’re going to burn in hell. The story is faithful, and really if you’ve seen enough of them (or read the story) then you will be like me and anticipate almost every line.

So if you know the story, you’ve seen it a million times, why should you see this one? Cause it’s in 3D of course! Disney knew what they were doing, putting it out in 3D would make sure people came to see a story they could watch at home for free a million times over next month.

Not only is it in 3D, but it’s done in that creepy computer graphic style of “The Polar Express” where they use the actors for inspiration for the creepy 3D models of the character. Thankfully the technology has improved a lot, so people and especially the kids aren’t as creepy as they were in “Polar Express.”

While “The Polar Express” was a fun kids movie, at times this one is not. Parents need to research this movie (or read this review!) to determine if it’s appropriate for their kids. This is a movie about ghosts, and the ghosts are exceptionally well done. This is the other reason to see this movie, because of how well done the ghosts are. Scrooge, while not a ghost, is incredibly creepy with skeletal hands. Marley is the scary classic ghost who is also a rotting corpse. The Ghost of Christmas present starts of jolly and happy and as he reaches the end of his one day life on earth . . . well . . . I don’t want to spoil it. Of course there is the Ghost of Christmas Yet To Come, who is a wraith and definitely dark. Should you choose to take a small child, if they are prone to nightmares, you’ll be up all night!

The movie is amazing, but if you see it see it in 3D. There is no point seeing it any other way unless the 3D makes you ill. I saw it on a very small screen, but I will probably see it later on IMAX at some point. There are a lot of very fast moving segments where the ghosts are whipping Scrooge around. So the bigger the screen, the more motion sickness that will probably ensue in these parts!

Two Thumbs Up. See it, or Baby Jesus will cry.

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  1. Dustin, I really enjoy the notification of your blogs. I’m hoping that it has helped you with your posting. Great idea!

    Just got off the phone with my best friend, much like a sister who flew to Baltimore to see the movie at an Imax with one of her sisters. We have almost every version—still looking for a copy of Fonzie–but she gave a huge thumbs up on this one also. Said Imax was the way to go!

    So now with my two favorite movie –dificult to please— critics chiming in–I can’t wait to see it. I read some of the early reviews and just wasn’t sure about the “Little Scrooge” sliding down a drain?! But you have definitley won me over.

    I know that if I went back into the archives I’d probably find it–but I’m lazy so I’ll ask—what is your favorite version? I’m partial to George C. Scott because I used it for many years to teach the story before taking my junior high students to a live production in Pittsburgh. My favorite cartoon version is The Muppets—I think it’s the music–the songs just keep running through my brain.

    Let me know what you think of the Imax when you see it. You and Baby Jesus put a smile on my face!

    Take care my friend.

    Lin WV Nan

  2. Oh and yeah, the mini scrooge was the one part of the movie I felt was a little silly, but I think it was put it where it was to lighten the mood some so it wasn’t so dark for kids.

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