The following is a clip from a special feature of the “Designing Women” Season 1 DVD. This clip was from the Paley Media Center reunion of Designing Women (not to be confused with the one that Lifetime TV did, which is all over YouTube). This is my favorite clip from this reunion, for reasons you will soon see.

Fun Facts: Delta blurts out that she loves when Dixie was telling off the jury (which Dixie speaks about, a great episode I will say). Meanwhile the show’s writer speaks about Imogene! Imogene was the character from the AIDS episode who Julia blasted after she said AIDS was “killing all the right people.”

This whole clip is classic, and mad props to Linda Bloodworth-Thomason for what she says! Also Annie Potts for the zinger she delivers, as well as Jean Smart and Delta Burke’s comments about gay parades and bars. Even though she’s a republican, we love the Dixie Carter too 🙂 We love you all! You are classy ladies!

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