Don’t have too much to say right now. I am still hoping to be done with the dissertation by September. I’m currently in the “plow through writing mode” to make that happen.

I know I said I wouldn’t, but I did. I booked us another cruise in January. We are going on a similar boat to last year, which is now cheaper because newer bigger boats are out (which I refused to blow savings on at this point, I did have some restraint!). Plus we are going on a Western Caribbean cruise. The last 3 were Eastern, which stop mostly at small little islands. Frankly I was getting bored as I’d seen all of them, and I’m not a beach and snorkel person. I think being trapped on the boat most of the time the last trip helped add to my issues 🙂 This one stops not only in parts of Mexico, but Belize. I haven’t been there since my first cruise with John 7 years ago, and it remains one of my favorite stops to date. So I jumped. I think every port offers Mayan ruins, should I care to do them every port 🙂 I won’t, but the option is exciting 😛

Of course the final (ie BIG) payment is due at the end of October, which isn’t too far away. So again I’m realizing I need to get me a job and soon! I finally sat down to apply for the Halloween store, only to get the feeling that they were basically looking for high school kids. Shocking I know, it’s a seasonal job for 2-3 months. They required three references, wouldn’t let me not submit any less than three, and the options were “Teacher, Mentor and Other.” I worked around it 🙂 I was not about to submit academic references though. I want to teach again, and I think having the Halloween store calling up the heads of university departments might just be . . . awkward.

It kinda sends me/one into a panic attack having to apply for retail jobs when your in my situation. I don’t have a normal resume by a long shot. It’s a mix of a resume and my CV. I have tons of teaching experience, conference/public speaking experience and even a few publications. Then I have self-employment for 10+ years, as well as employment via other website companies writing weekly columns for them. It makes getting references . . . tricky 🙂 Especially since I can’t be my own reference 😛

Fortunately a bit of job relief came this week, I confirmed that I’m not only teaching the same class I just finished again next spring, but a second class as well. That’s a big relief! Whether I’ll get the Halloween job to tide me over, I don’t know. I’m thinking not given the resume I submitted 🙂 Sadly there was no option on the application to explain why I thought I would be a good employee at their store!

Other options? There is a small independent pet store around the corner that is always looking for people to work there. I actually go there so much they know me and John, so I think I could probably get a job there. John’s sister keeps commenting I’m always welcomed to work at the farm, but I really feel that should be a last resort. I just think mixing a relationship and work is probably a bad idea. I would have to do something there basically no one else could do, or would want to do. Oh the jobs are there 🙂 Otherwise I would feel I was “given” a job for who I was, and other employees might have issues with that. Frankly I would too, I want to earn a job or be able to do something nobody else can or wants to, not just given a job.

Finally coming up this month is another Monster Mania! I’m so excited. I’m actually going to take not only tons of photos this time, but videos. I really want to use these conventions for a paper next fall at the big Anthropology meetings. The convention has a web board set up, which I could use at a later date to ask for anonymous interviews. There is normally an event in March or April as well, so I might try and set real interviews up then with staff and people.

Okay, yeah, I think that’s all I have to say 🙂 I did have a lot to say after all.

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  1. You’ve had a lot going on. I think it’s great that you’re taking this cruise, and going a different route this time. I just saw a tremendously bad movie- The Ruins- so my only advice to you would be to stay away from man-eating vines whose blossoms sound like a cell phone. Pissed off Mayans should also be avoided, especially if they’re wielding guns and arrows.

    On another note, I have to tell you that I really admire your determination to find work on your own. It’s hard working with family, especially the SO’s family. If you have to, you have to. But trying to make your own way first is a good way to go.

    Good luck with everything!

  2. I worked for my sister and her husband for years and it can be strange. I have to take exception to the idea of being “given a job” If you were a woman, you would be married to john who owns the farm. That is your farm!!!!! If you work there you should be judged by how you do the job and nothing else.

    It makes me crazy how institutionalized the marginalization of gay partners is. I am a homemaker, yes a “housewife” if I was a women, no one would care. As a man, it never fails to be an issue. No housewife tells people she is retired but that is what I do because its easier to explain that than to explain how perfect is is for me to manage our home and lives for my husband.

    You are wise to avoid working with your partner but please have the self respect to value your contribution to his life and business. If you get a job there, it’s because it is your job to have.

    end of rant

  3. Actually if I was a woman and married John and got the job that way, I’d still think it was because I was given it because of the relationship and not have earned it. Guess that’s just the way I see things lol.

  4. Richard, I like the way you rant!

    I’ve had the privilege of meeting Dustin and his answer doesn’t surprise me.

    Dustin, I wish you would give yourself more credit. Look at the updates you have made to the farm’s web page. When we were there last year, you took the time to show us around and tell me which produce was better and which tomatoes were the best for the purpose I wanted them. You are a walking, talking encyclopedia of the farm. You jump in and help during the crazy times. You “earned” a paycheck already!! Granted your knowledge may be becasue of John, but you choose to remember and care!!

    Ok–now my rant is done! Anyone else?

  5. Is there a community college in your area? They are almost always looking for people to teach continuing education classes, so your teaching credentials would be a plus. You could probably teach web design, creative writing…who knows what else?

  6. There is Katt, but I wouldn’t want to teach this fall. I already have to turn down one offer simply because I know I will spend the next month preparing for the class and not finishing up the dissertation 🙂

  7. I’m in the same dilemma with references for retail jobs and really only having academic/professional ones. I haven’t worked in a retail/food service place in a number of years. With high turnover rates as well, I don’t think any of my old managers even work at the stores/would remember me?

    I have many ‘fake’ non-relative references + a whole pile of criminal record checks. I just don’t like the idea of someone at freakin Wendy’s calling my principal/university supervisors.

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