John On CBS 3 News

John was on the local news, that was doing a story on the Tomato Blight hitting many states. It’s a fungus killing tomato plants.

The farm’s tomatoes are fine though 🙂

BTW John said the reporter was HUGE. John is about 6 feet, and he looks like a dwarf compared to this guy.


6 Responses to “John On CBS 3 News”

boo Says:

John is nice looking, well spoken, and smart! Wow if John is 6 foot, the reporter must be 6-7 or 6-8.


glittermom Says:

a very handsome fellow….you make a nice couple….


Aravis Says:

John presents himself so nicely, very handsome and articulate. I guess he gets my stamp of approval for you. ;0)


pjhuking Says:

I’m so proud to be your sister! What a fabulous segment! You’re so articulate!Yes, you’re still my good looking little brother. How exciting for me to be able to watch you in the news from Fort Worth! Miss you


brand new w Says:

omg that is so cool!!!


Megan Says:

I’ve been meaning to tell you I saw a clip of this like 2 weeks on the national FOX News channel here in Wyoming! I knew it was John from reading here! how neat!