Back in Joisey

Drove back to my Jersey home today. Just some random ramblings here 🙂

  • The house shockingly isn’t a total disaster.
  • The bunny had no water and almost no food left (John claims he had both last night).
  • Percy had no wet food, so I had to go buy him some.
  • I also had to get dry food and litter, which they were out of.
  • Scrubbed cat puke out of the bedroom carpet.
  • Picked up cat puke from the dungeon basement (this was old cat puke that John just ignores).
  • Cleaned cat pans (so gross!).
  • Washed silverware in the sink (I left it with no dirty dishes).
  • Filled the feng shui fountain which was bone dry.
  • Dumped the pet food water and refilled it (the cats knocked a food dish into it, it was gross).

Anyways, I am getting ready for the “Harper’s Island” finale now 🙂


2 Responses to “Back in Joisey”

Becky Says:

John and I would get along great! I refuse to pick up cat puke and just choose to ignore any other pet messes until Travis gets home and I can point them out to him )


Katt Says:

My husband and daughter do the same thing to me. If it’s messy, save it for Mom….