Boot Camp and Yard Work

So this past week was the first week of dissertation boot camp. This coming week is only 4 days (because of the 4th weekend), so we have to work longer each of those 4 days. As of yet, I’m not sure how productive it’s been for me. The first week I felt I spent far too much time writing lists of “things to do” out as well as trying to explain to my mentor what my project was about (I should have just given him the intro chapter). Finally I said “how about I start writing this chapter, and we’ll see if it makes sense and where it goes.” So that’s what I’m doing this week (and what I wanted to be doing last week, which I only did some of). I think more than anything though it’s gotten me back to sitting down and just writing a good chunk of the day (which believe it or not is not as easy as it sounds if you don’t consider yourself a writer of some type).

Anyway, I need to actually write some today still, but looking outside I see bright sunny clear skies. I’m going to take advantage of it and try and tackle some of that yard work I said was a goal this summer. Like I said, with all the rain, it looks like we live in a swamp. SOMEONE I had recently made friends with had no idea I lived where I lived and actually said “OMG, I thought two old queens lived in that house.” Yeah, it does look like the run down overgrown yard the scary old lady on the block lives in. Once upon a time when John didn’t have the added job responsibilities he does now, he used to like to do all the flowers and landscaping. Now though he has no time for anything (something which is gunna have to change or he’ll have a mental breakdown like I did several times running the soap pages), so it has gone to disarray.

Perhaps I’ll try and get some before and after shots up later. Or maybe a before and in progress shot, cause it’s that bad I tell you 😛


3 Responses to “Boot Camp and Yard Work”

Aravis Says:

It almost seems to me that you were being more productive lately just prior to boot camp. But as you say, maybe this week will be better. Good luck.


Dustin Says:

I was, I had gotten 5 chapters written and rewritten, then I just got that nasty pink eye which knocked me on my back for a week 1/2 there 😛


Becky Says:

I hope you can accomplish more of what you want this week with the writing.

As far as outside housework, I don’t like to do it. Therefore, I make Travis do it 🙂