• Getting ready to get off the ship now. Will be sitting in the airport for hours. Fun! #
  • Getting off the ship was a Nightmare. Customs held the while ahip up for 2 people. Then almost 2 hours taxi wait. #
  • Next time I mention a vacation idea, someone remind me to just stay home and drink #
  • Yes spelling poorly again. I am typing with my thumb. Standing in a hellish line for security. #
  • Now I am standing in an equally long line for food LOL. #
  • Classic. The people in front of me are ordering so much food I now have to wait for them to bake more LOL. #
  • Finally. Almost about to get on the plane. This airport is a nightmare. Angry people because of delays. Giving me a migraine. #
  • Looks like it will be a full flight. Everyone going to see Obama I am sure, so they think. He’ll be bigger on my tv I am sure. #
  • Shocker. We are already running late. The plane is here at least. We probably don’t have a crew LOL. #
  • Just landed in Dulles. Now we have to get to my moms. Then if we can drive home tonight. Getting around 495 could be insane. #
  • On our way home to jersey. Have been informed by my brother that my Ps3 “crashed or something” #
  • I had an angry whopper for dinner. In 15 minutes I’ll probably have an angry stomach. #
  • 20 miles from home. So nice, till I see a mess if mail to go through haha. #
  • Around the corner from home. Yay! #
  • Back on the diet tomorrow. I can’t believe what I did those few days I drank sodas and ate at Johnny Rockets lol. #
  • Lost my entire PS3 hard drive. A perfect end to this vacation! #

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