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So I’m FINALLY taking the last of Halloween down this weekend. Outside all that’s left are the cobwebs, but I have to wait until the bushes dry. I plan to get some white LED lights I saw at target to add in with the red ones, to at least make the house look a but more candy-cane like and not so “Satan red.” Last year I wanted to get icicle lights too, the old fashion kind that are really light-up icicles, but I never did. Maybe this year?

Inside I’ve done no un-decorating. I will get to it this weekend though. What I have up is “The Nightmare Before Christmas” village, so it kinda can cross over, but not really. Instead of putting everything that was there back though, I’m just going to go start putting Christmas up. It seems all the cool kids and the stores are doing it now anyways. I don’t have the time or energy to put crap back for 2 weeks then do Christmas. Plus I have a lot of Christmas to get out. I am just going to do my Rudolph Village and Sparkletown this weekend.

My “never ending nativity” has been an issue. Last year I joked I needed a display built for it, and just put up select pieces. This year the solution came to me, and it’s actually practical! I have this huge 2 1/2 foot by 7 foot book case I got from Ikea years ago in the spare bedroom. Right now it’s filled with DVDs and Wonder Woman toys, but there is an unused corner here in the living room it would rock in. Of course I’d have to pack everything up and move it out here (it’s bolted to the wall). I then realized, I could probably buy a similar one at Ikea or TarJay and put it out here for the nativity, then after Christmas is over actually stick books, DVDs and videogames in it. The one in the bedroom is too full as is. Perfect solution!

To put me in the Christmas mood, I put the following on my iPhone as my wallpaper and then a clip of “Father Christmas” as the ringtone. It’s from the bestest Christmas movie ever, “Scrooge: The Musical”

Yay For Animal Crossing City Folk!

On Sunday the long awaited “Animal Crossing: City Folk” arrives for Wii. This is the third installment of the series, the first two which I own. If you own a Wii, you’ll probably want this game. Not only will you want it, but if you have Wii friends playing it then you’ll want the speaker accessory that comes out the same day so you can talk to them while you’re both playing the game online with each other.

For those new to “Animal Crossing,” well it’s hard to describe. The game essentially has no point, and that is the point. It’s a very cutesy version of “The Sims” in a way, but your person will never be miserable and sit there crying cause you suck at the game. You will find yourself mindlessly sucked into this game that really has no plot, point or ending. You are a little humanoid figured plopped down in this town populated by animals. You live in a small shack, which you pay off and build bigger and add floors to over time. You buy, trade and discover new furniture, carpet and wall paper to decorate your house. You dig up fossils, catch fish and bugs; all which get put in your town museum. You can design new outfits to wear, plant flowers and trees and make the town beautiful and the people happy. The more you do, the more you open up, the more things happen. Certain days of the month are theme days, which involve any number of things really.

The Gamecube version was pretty much a standalone single player game, though multiple people could inhabit the same town (up to 4 players). The DS version introduced traveling to other people’s towns either over the web or with two DS’ near each other. The Wii version introduces web play with friends traveling to other friends towns, as well as a central city hub where you can buy new stuff for the game and interact with real people playing all over the world. The speakerphone accessory works just as that, and allows you to talk back and forth without any headset.

Now one of the niftiest parts of this game is the inclusion of holidays! Oh yes, in Animal Crossing on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day there are special events. Likewise with many other holiday’s throughout the year, such as Thanksgiving, Halloween, Valentines Day. Also in each season there are different things to do. For example during the winter you can make snowman and earn yourself special snow-furniture for the house. During December you can get Christmas themed furniture and trees from “Jingle.” The fun lasts all year!

So do your self a favor, if you have a Wii, pick this one up. You won’t be disappointed! I plan to, and I will see you online. Hit me up to exchange codes when it arrives.

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Woke Up This Morning . . .

And thought, oh holy hell, what did I do !?!?! Yes I was having some serious buyers remorse. I started texting Emily thinking I should cancel the order, which I could have. She of course tried to convince me not to, cause she wants to come over and “play” with it. As I had the page open trying to decide whether to cancel or not Apple emails me with a “Thank you for buying an iMac, we know you’ll love it” email. I decided it was a sign and I should keep it.

My reason for buying it in part was sound. I’m tired of my PC’s crashing, I have for awhile wanted to try a Mac and I need a central PC to put 3 laptops worth of crap (photos, documents, etc) in one place. There was however the want factor, I want something new but do I need it? I decided to just go with the flow and do my part to single handedly stimulate the economy.

Now as I wait for it to arrive, I find myself planning my attack to get all this stuff from 3 laptops over to it. Every time I have gotten a new laptop I have tried to port stuff over, but I have also put a lot on CDs cause I didn’t think I needed to junk up a new system with it all. Just last month I found myself booting up my first laptop to get my CV off of it, as I never carried it over. I have a portable hard drive I’ve been backing important stuff up on, but it’s only 70 gig and there is only about 15 free left. I might be doing a lot of copying to and fro, back and forth with it. It, like my laptops, needs serious housecleaning. That will finally happen.

My oldest laptop is going to computer heaven. I’m going to wipe it out, take out and keep the hard drive (I trust no one!) and take it to a store that recycles the stuff. The screen has some weird burn-in thing, the keyboard is junked, the batteries don’t work anymore (and it’s so old I can’t even buy them anymore) and the power adapter is screwed up as well (and I can’t buy it either). It needs to be put down. My other two laptops simply need to be deleted and started over. One is old and the hard drive is only 30 gig, but as long as you aren’t gaming it will work for most things. It will probably be given to a good home. My most recent one I’m going to obviously keep. Currently my dilemma with it is “To Vista or not to Vista?” I’m afraid if I Vista there won’t be any going back, as the install of Vista seems to want to wipe the recovery partition which can be used to re-install the laptop to the “as purchased state.” If I can get around that, I might try Vista (it’s on the desktop, so I’ve used it, I know what to expect).

Well that was a boring post, but it was an update. Oh and yes, I realize how geeky this post makes me sound πŸ™‚

People Are All The Same, We Only Get Judged By What We Do . . .

You are getting another politics post from me, consider it a record! So many in such a short period of time. This one comes with a bonus music video though πŸ™‚

It has been a week since Obama won the election, and there seems to be a lot of shit hitting the fan. A reader posted here that in their home state, there was a race to buy guns. Well that story has now made headlines across the country. It seems a lot of people in a lot of states are stockpiling the guns. Does anyone think Obama or the libs will take away their right to bear arms? (Please note the irony as the amount of freedoms and liberties lost under Bush and the Patriot Act). It’s in the top ten bill of rights! There is a difference between that and gun control, and let me say I am for gun control. Unless you’re in the army fighting a war, I don’t think you need a semi-automatic let alone a full one. I’ve posted about this before too. Sorry, you are hunting deer, not an army of deer with razor sharp hooves looking to kill you. You probably have a better shot of hitting one with your car than a gun! Nobody but a soldier needs an oozie. I mean you can’t buy a tank, cannon or nuc now can you?

Sadly it seems racial incidents are on the rise. We just had a report on our local news that that black students at a local university were being harassed since the Obama win. That’s pretty sad. A friend also told me locally in his state of Oklahoma some poor woman died in a KKK initiation ceremony. I’ll feel sorry for her death, but won’t pity her stupidness for joining the KKK though. I’m sure they are getting a record number of enrollments! It looks like an Obama presidency could see a rise in hate crimes sadly.

Then there is Prop 8 and the messiness it has caused. I’ve already posted my mind on this. One of the big money funnelers behind the support of it has already said New York and Jersey will be their next targets. Target your own marriage, cause trust me some of your spouses probably have a little something-something going on on the side! Believe me when I say that I get hit on by your husbands enough on cruises and at the gym πŸ™‚

So I thought a beautiful song was needed in this time. The song “Ugly” by Sugababes is just such a song. They aren’t well known outside of the U.K., where they are pretty much a smash hit. This song is just so beautiful though and has an amazing message.

When I was 7
They said I was strange
I noticed that my eyes and hair weren’t the same
I asked my parents if I was OK
They said you’re more beautiful
And that’s the way they show that they wish
That they had your smile
So my confidence was up for a while
I got real comfortable with my own style
I knew that they were only jealous cos

People are all the same
And we only get judged by what we do
Personality reflects name
And if I’m ugly then
So are you
So are you

There was a time when I felt like I cared
That I was shorter than everyone there
People made me feel like life was unfair
And I did things that made me ashamed
Cos I didn’t know my body would change
I grew taller than them in more ways
But there will always be the one who will say
Something bad to make them feel great

People are all the same
And we only get judged by what we do
Personality reflects name
And if I’m ugly then
So are you
So are you

People are all the same
And we only get judged by what we do
Personality reflects name
And if I’m ugly then
So are you
So are you

Everybody talks bad about somebody
And never realises how it affects somebody
And you bet it won’t be forgotten
Envy is the only thing it could be

Cos people are all the same
(The same, the same)
And we only get judged by what we do
(What we do, yeah, yeah)
Personality reflects name
And if I’m ugly then
(Yeah, you)
So are you
So are you

People are all the same
(Oh, oh, oh)
And we only get judged by what we do
(What we do, yeah)
Personality reflects name
And if I’m ugly then
(Yeah, so are you)
So are you
So are you

So This Is How Today/Tonight Went . . .

After making my post about getting an iMac, I did some googling today. Not only can I put Open Office on it for free, another program I need for my schooling/research should work on it. Nice! As it turned out, I probably wouldn’t need to run Windows on it through BootCamp honestly.

The iLife software? Frackin AMAZING! I have to redo the Farm’s website sometime in January/February and am not looking forward to it. I am such a perfectionist when it comes to the look of my websites. If it doesn’t meet my expectations down to the pixel I get frustrated. This software has a plethora of templates I can customize (via my own images and what not) and they are so far more professional than the crap that comes with FrontPage, which is why I never used them. Sorry Microsoft, but that stuff looks like what Geoshities provides.

I found out I could get almost 300 bucks knocked off through my school account. Kudoos! That probably beats anything waking up at 4am on Black Friday is worth.

I’m sitting on my PC with two word documents open and Internet Explorer open. I’m in my chatroom as usual, and had the Mac store open in a tab. I said “I need to close this, what can distract me? I know, I have to watch “Lipstick Jungle” still.” In the first 5 minutes Wendy is sitting there on a MacBook. Is that a sign or what?

Then of course I had to close down Internet Explorer and start it again, as whatever I was doing was taking up too much memory (hello 2 gigs on this thing) and froze explorer and outlook express. Hey I can at least say I think it’s been almost 2 weeks since I actually had to CTRL+ALT+DLT and pull up task manager and physically close down iexplorer.exe πŸ™‚

Needless to say, I bought the iMac πŸ™‚ Thoughts when it arrives and I’ve used it enough to give a good review.


Thinking Of Going To The Darkside

So Saturday night Emily and I went to PF Changs for dinner. To kill time waiting for a table, we hit the Apple store that was nearby. Emily commented she was thinking of getting a Macbook in the future. I added that I was thinking the same thing when the time come when I had to replace my laptop. So we “Oohed and Ahhed” over them and how purty they are. Then I saw the sexy new iMacs. Oohh Ahhh!”

I have always always been a PC person. Part of the reason has always been because I used to love PC games. However the PC games I used to love, well they don’t exist anymore. The classic Sierra games, the Lucasarts Adventure games, Ultima and the AD&D games. The later have all gone online multiplayer ala World of Warcraft, which I just don’t have time to get into right now. I actually really like just playing on my own sometime to be honest, because I enjoy the storylines of the games. Most of my game playing is now done on videogame consoles. I just use my PCs for work and the net now, and the occasional DVD.

With that in mind, I figured I’d probably bite the bullet and try a Macbook next time. I have grown accustom to laptops, I liked the limited space they take up my desk, they can really be stuck anywhere. I would never go with a big ole space hogging tower again. Plus there is the fact I don’t need them really because I’m not a gamer (they are great for gaming and the millions of hardware upgrades you need for games). Well on Saturday I saw the new iMacs and said “Oohh Ahhhh!” It’s like a desktop, but in the nice compact size of a laptop really. Of course it’s not as portable as a laptop, but I liked it!

So I’m giving thought to getting one of these to replace my laptop on my desk, using my laptop only for traveling purposes. My laptop isn’t that old and in great condition, so I don’t need a new one right now. The main problem is the usual one I run into . . . As it stands, my laptop hard drive is filling up and I need to unload it somewhere, but my laptop hard drive is 2x larger than my old desktop (which the BF uses) or my previous laptop (which probably couldn’t even hold my iTunes library at this point). Anyone who runs a Windows PC, especially a laptop knows once your HD gets over half full, Windows starts running like a great big turd. Plus after a year, well Windows users also know crap builds up in Windows and that slows it down too, wiping the HD clean and doing a fresh install (then taking a day to download ALL those Windows fixes again) is often needed. The iMac’s have huge hard drives, and what I really need is a central hub to store crap on. I was originally thinking of just getting a huge portable hard drive, or Apple’s Time Capsule (it’s a wireless/wired router plus a backup disk any PC/Mac on the network can use). With an iMac though I not only have the hub, but a working PC. That way my laptop is actually nice and streamlined for travel (I cannot tell you how annoying it can be and a battery hog when it gets to taking 10 minutes for the laptop to officially finish booting up everything!)

Of course the biggest issue for me as a PC user is jumping to a Mac. I know people who do it sing their praises. I figured someone who reads my blog has to have a Mac, or made the jump. Was it hard? I hear it can take some time to adjust. I was going to try and get to the Apple store and just play with them at some point (leaving my credit cards at home so I’m not pressured or tempted!).

Also I have read you can run Windows through Boot Camp on Mac’s now, in case you have programs that need Windows to run. Does it normally work well enough? That intrigued me, I do have a few programs that I’d rather not lose as I paid good money for them.

Finally as an Office user, would you recommend sticking with Office, or moving to Apple’s iWork equivalent? I’ve also been told not to even buy Office anything, that I can use OpenOffice and it’s free. I have yet to download it or try it. I have Office 2000 (yes I need to upgrade!) on my laptop and desk top as is. I haven’t wanted to squander more space with OpenOffice yet. However one of the reasons I haven’t upgraded is I need the version that comes with Access, and that’s the 500 dollar version of the software! OpenOffice has their equivalent for FREE.

Banned . . . For My Sanity!

I really don’t know why I bother to post on politics boards, as it just boils my blood. I had actually been really good about not posting for a long time, but slowly got back into it. It’s like a poisonous addiction. Actually most web boards tend to send me over the edge eventually, but politics just does it from day one. What usually fires me up the most is people being so downright nasty to each other, yet doing so behind the comfort of anonymity. I always use my real name and emails on boards, so it really can boil my blood πŸ™‚

Well when I found myself getting just as nasty as everyone else, I had to cut it off. I couldn’t figure out how to delete my account, but I know a little trick πŸ˜› I changed my email to something fake that isn’t real then changed my password to some gobbledygook I’ll never figure out. With a fake email, I can’t be tempted to get that password and start posting again. Account closed! Now I can regain my sanity and blood pressure πŸ˜›

We Need To Do Much More To Protect Marriage

So you get 2 in 1 week, 2 politics post from me! This one is also out of my anger and frustrations because of the passing of so many anti-gay measures, especially banning gay marriage in Florida (where it was already illegal), Arizona (where previous votes shot the ban down, guess it only counts when it gets approved?) and California (where thousands will now have the right stripped from them, I guess they get downgraded to Civil Unions).

The people have spoken and they obviously feel passionately about protecting marriage. However the funny thing is, the only thing they seem to be doing is keeping gays from getting married; a right they already don’t have in most of these states. Hmmmm, that’s how we go about protecting marriage? In this day and age when the divorce rate is over 50%, where anyone can get married and divorced in a day in Las Vegas, where we have TV shows like “Wife Swap” and “The Bachelor and Bachelorette” which turn marriage into entertainment. Well I’m sorry, but we can do better when it comes to protecting the holy sanctity of marriage.

What can we do? Easy, we write our senators and congressmen and demand more laws be put into effect or given to the people to vote on. Marriage must be protected from everyone, not just the gays. Otherwise, well we really aren’t protecting marriage we are just discriminating. The following are some suggestions for new laws that we should really consider introducing.

Since to so many people the banning of gays marrying was done based on religious reasons, let’s make marriage a religious institution. Any marriage not performed in a church is immediately reduced to a civil union. To be married one must not only be married in the church, but in a church both parties attend. We need to require the bride and groom to attend the church of their choice regularly for at least one year. Oh and yes, attendance will be taken and they must attend marriage classes! If you miss too many days, just like school, you have to repeat your year. This also serves as a waiting period as well. This prevents people from rushing into marriage too soon or without thinking it over. The days of getting married on a drunken whim alah Britney Spears are over. It really was a blight on the sanctity of marriage anyways. Now if you don’t want to abide by these laws, you can still get the “almost as good, but not the same word or cultural meaning civil union.”

The church teaches we should save ourselves for marriage. Well that’s not really a reality in this day and age is it? Also while medically we can check to see if a woman is virgin, you can’t for a man. Now we don’t want to discriminate when it comes to denying someone the right to marry do we? Therefore since we’ve already proposed a year long attendance of church and waiting period, let’s add abstinence to that year as well. Couples cannot cohabitate for one year and must abstain from any and all sex with each other or anyone. Monthly lie detector tests will be imposed to make sure this is followed.

Divorce should be banned. It seems the biggest threat to marriage is in fact divorce! If people can’t divorce, they’ll think long and hard about getting married won’t they? Okay okay, this too is hardly realistic now is it? Divorce will be granted if determined necessary by a court of law, but the individuals forfeit the right to ever re-marry. Now we don’t expect you to be single and alone forever, that would be too cruel. If voters allow, divorced individuals will be permitted to enter into civil unions. This last one definitely must be decided by the voters though.

Since we often here the argument that marriage between a man and a woman is the basis for a family, that is the point of marriage . . . Well let’s solidify the function of marriage in law. Within 5 years of marriage, a couple must produce a child or the marriage will be dissolved by the state/country. Unfortunately there are some people who, because of infertility issues, cannot have children. Fortunately for them, adoption isn’t an option! They will be required to file to adopt a child. However because of waiting lists and time periods, as well as the availability of babies, couples might not get their first choice of sex or color of their new child. The state will do it’s best to fulfill their requests though.

Now I know at this point people are giggling and think this is a joke. Make no mistake here, I’m dead serious. The people of this country and in so many states have spoke, they believe in the sanctity of marriage and the idea of protecting it. However they just aren’t doing enough. Why I don’t know, maybe they just only care about gays getting married. I mean after all, they aren’t gay so that doesn’t affect them does it? It’s MUCH easier to vote away the rights of others than it is to vote away the rights of yourself isn’t it?

THAT is what this is about. Making America see how wrong it is to vote on people’s rights, especially the majority voting on a minority’s rights. I fully plan to draft these ideas up into a very professional and serious letter and send it to my senators and congressmen. I will post the letter when I do, but until then I encourage you to do the same and spread it, or these ideas, or hell this post around the net. Because there are people out there who will not stop until they have taken my rights away, I WILL NOT STOP until someone introduces at least one of these as an actual state bill. I WILL NOT STOP until one of these ideas is put on a ballot and voted on. I want the rest of America to think even if it is for just one split second “Holy hell, what if by some odd luck of karmic fate this bill passes and I lose these rights?”

The Divided States Of America

So I had said I was going to make a rare politics post, but at this point the initial post is moot. It was going to be a post about why I was going to vote for Obama, how I had in fact THOUGHT the issues over and why I was voting the way I was. (BTW I was in fact a Hillary supporter)

However Obama has won, and he will be our next President. What should have been a reason for me to be happy and hopeful quickly turned sad though. Comments on Myspace, Facebook and web boards just bummed me out. I learned a lot of lessons today. What did I learn?

I learned suddenly it’s okay to question your President, to decide someone wasn’t your President cause you didn’t vote for him, and to question your country. Meanwhile over the last 8 years while I didn’t vote for Bush, I acknowledged he was the President. I was told anything else was un-American. If I disagreed with the war in Iraq, actions of our country or questioned voters; well I was downright un-Patriotic. I’m glad to see now that Obama has been elected, these wrongs have been righted. Feel free to hate the president and disagree with everything he says or does. It’s your right as an American to question authority and do so without judgement. I for one will NOT call you un-American or un-patriotic for doing so. Please remember that in the future though.

I learned when the country is divided politically, yet there is a Republican in office, well I needed to suck it up and think of the greater good of the country and unite and support him and the country. However when Obama is elected, well it’s okay to just tell people to suck it.

I learned that in fact I hated America, God, was a moron, a socialist, evil, a communist and couldn’t think for myself because I voted for Obama. Hmmm, I’m pretty sure none of the above are true. Equally I’m pretty sure if McCain had won, well people would still think all of the above about me were true πŸ™‚

I learned just because a state goes Blue, doesn’t mean people still can’t be intolerant. I had “faith” that the American people would in fact pass all anti-gay ballots in all states. I never questioned that, as it’s hard for the minority to win a right when the majority is the one voting on it. What I was shocked to learn was that in California it was minorities who tipped the scales in favor of taking rights away from another minority. Karma sucks, and once people have taken all the rights they can from gay people, where the hell do you think they’ll go next? Start preparing cause you are next.

I learned, no make that I knew all along, that no matter who won this election that half of America wouldn’t be happy and we’d still remain a country divided. That should make people very sad, yet it just seems to have fueled peoples anger more. What I did learn was that the division politics has caused in this country, the nastiness, down right mean spiritedness and hate that comes with it will continue on and will resume in another four years. It will probably be worse than ever too.

The United States of America or the Divided States of America? Hard to tell . . .

Better Late Than Never: Michaela Meyers Hopes You Voted, Or Else She

Here is the Halloween costume, sort of. It was supposed to have a better impact than this, but it’s missing a lot. I didn’t put on any make-up, because I didn’t want to have to take it off. Plus I really needed a woman to do it for me, otherwise it would have looked like a guy did it πŸ™‚

I also didn’t rip up the outfit to show hot flesh and my perky and natural breasteses, mainly because I plan on actually using this outfit somewhere someday. I’ll do it then.

Finally my weapon was to be lit with fun colored glow sticks, but all I had was a flashlight which I stuck in the back end. It didn’t do the job well on film. The weapon, for those who can’t tell, is in fact a fleshlight. This is . . . um . . . a male sex aid. Yes, I got it in vajayjay flavor too! The joke was I would either beat my victims to death with it, or sex them to death with it.