Thanksgiving Day Blogging

It’s here, Thanksgiving! Aren’t you just excited for the turkey, stuffing and pie? I thought today I’d do some live blogging throughout the day, updating on what exciting stuff I’m up to. I know you can’t wait to read all about it.

9:00am – Actually got out of bed to watch the Macy’s parade, which I thought had started at 8am.

9:30am – Set a record for turning the parade off as I remembered that it’s pretty boring. Used to be way better as a kid.

9:45am – Turned on Animal Crossing to play.

10:00am – Craved an egg McMuffen, but fried up an egg instead.

10:30am – Walking over to the farm to see how chaotic it is with people picking up pies and turkeys. – Scratch – I played more Animal Crossing.

11:00am – Turkey in the crock pot! Now I’ll go over to the farm like I said I was.

11:30am – Insanity for pie pickups at the farm. Never wait till the last minute!

12:30pm – Put on “I Love Lucy” marathon.

2:00pm – Things winding down at the farm, Turkey smell finally hitting the house. The dogs are sniffing and whining.

2:30pm – Back to Animal Crossing. Waiting for the big Harvest Day feast and special guest at 3pm.

4:00pm – Finally starting the rolls, stuffing and gravy. Turkey should be done within the hour, hopefully!

4:45pm – Dinner is served! Later some movies, probably Wall-E or Mirror Mask.

– – – Happy Thanksgiving to all, and may God have mercy on your soul if you plan to go out tomorrow on Black Friday and shop. Start praying to the saint of good parking spaces and short lines now!


4 Responses to “Thanksgiving Day Blogging”

Lori Says:

Have a great Thanksgiving! Have you ever tried to do a deep fried turkey? I had friends try it a few years ago, they had to do it in a huge pot in the back yard, but they said it was the best they had ever tasted. Unfortunatly it was really expensive for the oil, and can be pretty dangerous if not done with a lot of care. They haven’t tried it since, but said it was worth the experience of doing it once.


Dustin Says:

Yes I had some last year. It was odd. I actually considered doing some thing year, just getting a boneless turkey loin and slicing it up and doing a few pieces, but it’s such a mess 🙂


cassandra sappington Says:

Dustin, I was talking about you and your crockpot turkey last night as I FINALLY got home after 9:45 pm and my 23 pounder wasn’t cooked and my daughter was insisting that we have a Turkey dinner…I tried a convection bake, at 11:45 still not done… so I begged my daughter to let me go to bed and we could finish it on Sunday.. Not sure if it will be the “same” but NEXT YEAR I’m CROCKPOTTING!

I myself had to get our store ready for Black Friday which is here today! IT IS A MADHOUSE in my store, but I have five employees there right now (not including my husband) so I can take it a little slower as we are open till 10:00 pm tonight…. I hope I still have some games left to sell! We did 25% off all used games & accessories and 40, 30, 20 % Colored Dot Sale on select new games & accessories, Free Monster with purchase of select items, 50% off used PS2 guitars, AND a Free Mario Sticker with every Premier Membership purchase! 🙂

I hope your dinner was GREAT! Ps: The Farm looks very busy! 🙂


hot-lunch Says:

hope you had a great Thanksgiving!