So I have some unhappy news to report. My Halloween weekend with my friends is off, due to personal issues one friend is having. The point was for us all to actually be able to get together, myself and the other decided not to go on our own or together.

It sucks, but what can I say, life happens sometimes. To be honest, while as fun as it would have been, I’m not going to admit in some ways it’s a tiny bit of a relief. With trying to get stuff turned in for school this coming week as well as my ongoing stresses about finances, this is a relief on both ends.

I will still put the costume together though and take a photo. Well, I’m not putting on sparkle lip balm and eye shadow hehe. I’m working on alternative local plans for something fun to do that weekend.

7 Replies to “A Distressing Turn Of Events”

  1. Does your bf do anything for Halloween? Sorry one set of plans fell through, but that just opens the door for a whole new adventure! A cross dressing/serial killer kind of adventure,, lol.

  2. No he doesn’t like Horror movies like I do, and he’ll be working. They’ll be packed with hayrides and campfires that night I’m sure, unless it rains.

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