Halloween Costume Clue #4 & A Winner!

This is the final clue, but not the final piece of the puzzle. This is my ghetto fabulous red wig. It’s ghetto fabulous cause I bought it for 25 bucks at a very ghetto wig shop in Philly.

This will go together with all the other clues below, as well as some fancy (ie cheap) sparkle blue eyeshadow from Rite-Aid and some sparkle lip gloss (I refuse to wear lipstick, yuck).

The final piece, my weapon of choice, will remain a mystery until Halloween. Oh and it really is the best part of the costume!

Anyway, Lori guessed correctly when she said a cross dressing serial killer. I don’t know where I got the idea, it came to me late one night. But that is what I plan to be!


10 Responses to “Halloween Costume Clue #4 & A Winner!”

*HelloKitty* Says:

you look like Shaggy from scooby doo lol!!


Tara Says:

LOL LOL Dustin and I’m laughing at Scooby Doo and she’s right….


Dustin Says:

LOL the wig is red though, doesn’t show up well. And it’s short in the back and has the long bangs in the front. So it’s not a totall shaggy cut 🙂


WV Nan Says:

I can’t wait to see it all put together. I still think it’s a doctoral student who has a real thing for Scooby Doo ready to defend! Dustin, you keep me laughing! Thanks.


Lori Says:

Do I win a ‘booby prize’? lol.. Yayyyy for me! I am glad I got the theme of the costume right, because I was really wrackin my brain trying to come up with a specific one, I don’t watch enough horror movies to know all the cross dressing killers out there!


Dustin Says:

There aren’t that many, I think you got them both, Psycho and Lambs. I’m sure there are some obscure movies people haven’t heard of too. I’m sure I’ve seen them, I just can’t remember them 🙂 Oh wait I do know one, I just watched it, but to tell you would give away the amazing twist in it lol.


Dustin Says:

I’ll post a bunch of movie recommendations in a few days, and include that one in it 🙂 That way people won’t know which one it is 🙂


boo1 Says:

Too funny. I can’t wait to see it all together.


glittermom Says:

Maybe you were influenced by Vincent from Passions…Julian and Eves spawn


Dustin Says:

LOL, I totally should have gone as vincent! I didn’t even think about that.