Leaving In A Midday Car To West Virginia

So first some good news. I am not presenting until 4:30 tomorrow, which means I get to sleep in! I was thinking I would have to wake up at 5am and make a 3 hour drive to West Virginia. Nope! I can leave around 10am now.

From the photos of this place, there are TV’s in the room and they have internet! Okay it’s via a cable and only in rooms, no wireless. It’s better than nothing.

The bad news . . . The BF is sick and I’m trying hard not to get sick. Last thing I need is to wake up tomorrow sick! Cellphone coverage at this place is apparently nill. The AT&T map claims they get good coverage, the people at the place say only in certain spots. Also there will be no 3G coverage, which means crappy internet on the iPhone.

Currently my paper and power point presentation are done, but my paper goes over my allotted time by 2 minutes. I have to factor in another 2 minutes to discuss any power point slides, so I’m sitting here trying to cut or summarizes parts of my paper. Grrr! I’m probably going to have to hope someone doesn’t show up, or others don’t use all their time up.

Finally, the place I’m staying requires a bit of walking through the woods to get from the lodge, to the dining hall, to the conference center. The BF is teasing me that this sounds like camp. While I have no issue with the walking or the camp, it looks like it’s going to be raining all weekend. Walking in the rain I’m not too thrilled about.

Anyway, I’ll be taking the camera, hopefully I’ll get some pretty photos!


4 Responses to “Leaving In A Midday Car To West Virginia”

Becky Says:

I’ll keep my fingers crossed that you don’t get sick! Good luck at your presentation. Have fun at camp, and stay away from any mud puddles:)


Jennifer Says:

Hope you wake up feeling great tomorrow! Good luck on your presentation!


jeremy Says:

I would not worry about going over – who doesn’t go over? Hopefully the person who presents before you captivates the crowd and doesn’t put them to sleep. Then I would be worried about going over. Don’t sweat the small stuff.

Have fun, enjoy and be brilliant…



Aravis Says:

Reading your Tweets.. glad your presentation went alright. Hope you found some fast food!