I’m on the move this week. I drove home to Virginia today, as tomorrow is the big Alanis concert. I can’t wait! Before I get there though I’m stuck writing my conference paper. I wrote the outline yesterday, only to realize everything I wanted to say I had already written in various chapters for the dissertation. So I just started cutting and pasting, thinking it would be easy to blend it all together. Well that’s what I thought, it’s taking me longer than I had anticipated. Really I should have anticipated that, as finishing school has taken me longer than I ever expected.

The paper will soon be done, then I’ll have to cut 2-3 pages to fit into the 20 minutes I get to present it. I’ll also obsess over it and phrasing as usual. On Friday I travel to West Virginia, where bright an early Friday morning I give the paper, leaving the rest of the weekend to relax and enjoy the conference. Yeah right! I plan to use being in the wilderness and the probable lack of internet and television (kill me now) to put a lot of the dissertation chapters together to turn in.

There is some other school related news, which I’ve been reluctant to blog about out of fear of jinxing it. However if you read the “tweets” in the side bar or the shoutbox, you probably know what has gone on. I had an interview at a local university for the adjunct job I sent my CV in for to teach the course they needed an instructor for. Honestly I didn’t think I had a shot at it, so imagine my surprise when they told me they were going to recommend me to the university for the job! Now it’s still not a done deal, the university has to approve, the class has to actually get filled so they won’t cancel it (already been there once) and I have to go sign papers and such. But so far it’s looking good. Keep your fingers crossed for me!


8 Responses to “Travelin’ Through”

WV Nan Says:

Enjoy the concert–you deserve a break after all of the work you’ve put in this week. Fingers crossed about the job. How long will the drive be—how many days a week? Safe trip back home and to WV!


Becky Says:

I hope that you have a great time at the concert! Alanis just rocks. Good luck with the job. I’ll cross my fingers for you as long as you cross your fingers for me:) Enjoy the conference, your presentation will be wonderful!


Cheryl Says:

Congratulations! I hope the university job does work out! Have fun at the Alanis concert!


Dustin Says:

2 days a week, 30 minutes to get there (then back again). It’s not to terrible, though coming back I did hit some rush hour traffic.


jeremy Says:

Congratulations, that’s great news… Fingers Crossed!!



Carrie Says:

Fingers crossed! Good luck!!!


Sherri Says:

Good luck Dustin.


Aravis Says:

Fingers and toes crossed, dear…