The Post In Which I Manage To Post

So I’m writing a post to update everyone on the funness that my life currently is. I am on a deadline to get my dissertation written by the end of this year, so my days consist mainly of writing. I take breaks to get up and walk around, go across the street to the farm, but I have to keep my procrastinating to a minimum at all times. Okay as best as I can! I don’t even turn the TV on till 8pm, not that anything is on to watch yet. I usually have Pandora Radio or Last.FM on my browser playing music while I work, as silence will drive me mad.

I am sure I will be insane by the end of the year.

I did distract myself somewhat this weekend with cleaning the house. It was overdue, and the next few weekends I will not be here. Next weekend I head home for an Alanis concert. The following weekend I’m at a conference. The weekend after that I might possibly be going home to Virginia yet again for a family get together. That last one I’ll decide on that week depending on how much work I’ve gotten done. Needless to say I expect the house to be a wreck by time I return home full time to it, so I’m making sure it’s spotless before I leave!


6 Responses to “The Post In Which I Manage To Post”

Carrie Says:

Aww.. hopefully you won’t be TOO insane LOL.. but I hear ya on the housework. I can spend all day cleaning, and then it can get trashed in less than an hour. I wish I could hire a maid!!


Becky Says:

I second the hiring a maid!! I can’t do anything without some kind of background noise. If the house is quiet, it drives me crazy.


Dustin Says:

I actually am considering hiring a cleaning service like Merry Maids or whatever to come in once a month to really give the house a good cleaning. I know I’m not dusting every nook and cranny, and this house really needs a good scrubbing.


WV Nan Says:

Dustin, with all that you have on your plate, if you can afford it, it would be well worth it to have someone do all of the heavy duty cleaning. Then you could just concentrate on the weekly tidy-up cleaning. It would give you one less thing to worry about. You could take more cheesecake pictures to make all of us drool.
Congrats on all of the writing you have been able to do–keep it up–remember the other side of this when you have that PhD at the end of your name!!! Have a good week!


Carrie Says:

That’s a great idea, Dustin. I know here locally, we can find a decent maid service that isn’t too too pricey. We know people who swear by it! If I could swing it, I would do it too!


Aravis Says:

Wow. Busy. You’re under the gun, but won’t it feel great when you’ve finally been able to finish your dissertation?