Thanks For Calling, Don

Since yesterday I’ve officially had it with telemarketers and charities and what not calling my house. Rather than let the phone go to the answering machine, which they hang up on, I’m answering every call to inform them not to call me anymore. I’m over it.

This all began yesterday with one 866 number that calls us constantly. The calls begin at 8am in the morning and sometimes go through 8pm or later at night. They call at least 5 times a day, sometimes multiple times an hour.

Finally sick of them, I answered the phone with a very angry “Hello!” I got no response, I said “HELLO” again. Nothing, so I hung up. Withing two minutes they called back. My BF was sitting on the couch as I told him “It’s these damn 866 people that call us a million times a day, they aren’t saying anything, I know someone on the phone, no automated electronic message has started and would have bye now.” *CLICK* they hung up on me.

That was it, I hit redial and got a voicemail, saying I had reached some outreach or charity program or something, I can’t even remember I was so annoyed honestly. I finally left a message along the lines of “Hi yeah, you call us about a million times a day and I’m sick of it. Take our number off your list. If you are looking for money, you are not going to get any at this point. If you call again I will answer the phone with a barrage of obscenities instead of hello.”

They have not called back 🙂


8 Responses to “Thanks For Calling, Don’t Call Again!”

Becky Says:

Hmm, we must be on the same 866 call list. I can’t stand when they don’t answer after I say hello! I never thought about hitting redial, I will be doing that the next time they call…thanks for the idea!


Scott Says:

We’ve had it with charities. There are two we used to give to but it resulted in constant calls. They say “we know you only wanted to be contacted once a year so it’s that time again.” Huh? We gave two months ago. “Well we operate on a fiscal year.” Not only that, but we get calls from the same organization saying “well you must have given to our national organization – we are the state/regional” or “we are your county organization.” What finally sent me over the top was when I politely said no and received a sarcastic reply from one caller asking me how it is that I can’t even scrape up $20. I slammed the phone down so hard I’m surprised it did not shatter.


*HelloKitty* Says:

trust me they will still call.


Aravis Says:

I don’t know if that will ultimately work, but it must have felt great!


Becky Says:

you have more guts than what I would ever do ! lol


Kirstan Says:

I wonder if you have registered with the National Do Not Call Registry
( )? I recently got a new phone number and when I started getting all these calls (and hangups), I realized I forgot to register my number. It really cuts down on those unwanted calls. Just thought I’d share.


Cheryl Says:

I was also going to suggest the do not call registry. The great thing about it is that if you still get telemarketer calls, all you have to do is mention that and you never hear from them again. If you do – you can report them and get them in a ton of trouble!


Dustin Says:

Unfortunately these are non-profit orgs, which I think don’t fall under the do not call list 🙁