I Indulged Today With FIVE Guys!

Okay now that I have your attention, you filthy dirty minded people! I made a slight mistake today and caught a lot of people off guard.

Today I finally decided to get my butt to the gym to use some weight machines. For weeks I’ve done nothing but run, though it has served me well. I noticed at the gym I was able to do much more on the machines, all upper body stuff, than I had before . . . and it’s been weeks since I went!

Okay that isn’t the point of the post. As I was driving to the gym I realized I was hungry, I had only had breakfast. I decided to indulge in some junk. I mean if I’m going to eat bad, might as well do it and then go right to the gym. I went to Five Guys Burgers and Fries. This is a chain that actually started in Northern Virginia where I grew up and in the past year has expanded to the Philly metro area and beyond. It’s probably not widely known at this point. Well as I was eating I decided to post to Twitter, which of course is linked to my FaceBook account. I posted . . .

“having five guys before the gym. So good!”

Yeah, let the confusion and comments begin. After I left the gym I found out I had comments like “Ummmm, you did what?” “What did exactly did you do with five guys?” “You had five guys and time to Twitter?”

Nasty dirty people, get your mind out of the gutter! Please I’m as pure as freshly fallen white snow. I’m so virginal I glow on the off chance I enter a church.

But seriously, visit the Five Guys Burgers and Fries website and see if there is a chain near you or coming anytime soon. If you’ve never had them, run, don’t walk there. They have the best burgers you will ever eat, guaranteed. Just a fair warning, their burgers are double patties, so if you don’t want that much, get the “little burger” which is a single patty. Also if you are watching what you eat, um, avoid looking at their nutritional information at all costs!

Go on, indulge yourself, have some Five Guys and then go tell your friends things like . . .

“I had five guys the other day and it was amazing”
“I just can’t wait to have five guys again”
“I love the taste of five guys”
“My mouth is watering for five guys”


6 Responses to “I Indulged Today With FIVE Guys!”

Becky Says:

So virginal you glow?!? Now that is something I can’t wait to see:) But seriously, I really want a burger from there! Thanks for sharing:) And, us dirty minded people are the fun people!!

Oh yea…congrats on making it to the gym.


boo1 Says:

I want five guys! I live in Michigan, we don’t have them here. 🙁
We have had White Castle in the Detroit area since I was a kid. My little brother moved to Lansing and for years they had no White Castle. So when he came home we always ate there. A few years back he called all excited, White Castle was coming to Lansing. We just got a Sonic’s in our area. I haven’t went yet because the lines are so long.


Carrie Says:

LMAO!! That is great! We don’t have Five Guys here in Indiana, but we did pass some billboards for them on the way to Myrtle Beach. Next time we go down there, we’ll have to stop!


WV Nan Says:

You are a real hoot!!! When I’m at my daughter’s next month I’m going to have to have her find the one in Philly. Wow–the tomato farm and Five Guys—sounds like I have an itinerary! If you get a chance– eat at a Red Robin—a great burger place! My first Red Robin was near Fort Washington the day my grandson chose to come weeks early and not in Pittsburgh!

I’ll let you know my exact dates so maybe we can meet at the farm—mouth watering for those tomatoes!

By the way—congrats on the new found stamina—see the scale numbers aren’t the only way to judge success!!


Sherri Says:

Never heard of them until you posted this and then BAM today on the radio I hear an advertisement for one about 45 mins. away. Too funny….


dolphin Says:

We have a Five Guys here. I haven’t eaten red meat in a few years now, but I remember going in there once when I did. I can’t say if the food was good or bad, because when the smallest burger on the menu rang up at over $9 and I hadn’t even ordered a drink yet, I apologized to the cashier for wasting her time and left. My paycheck just can’t quite stretch to cover $10-15 fast-food meals.