Dorkily Wishful . . .

Recently when I went to see a movie (I think “Prince Caspian”) a trailer for the following movie showed. I have since found out it’s based on a children’s book (which obviously I haven’t read), but until they got towards the end of the trailer . . . I had gasped . . . I was dumbfounded . . . did someone actually make a movie of one of my all time favorite games? The story wasn’t quiet the same as I remembered, but it was underground, and the scenery was picture perfect . . .

Watch the trailer, see if you see it too. Only those old enough to have played the game will probably see what I wishfully saw . . .

Read on to see what I saw (so I don’t spoil your perception of what I was hoping for) . . . .

>Jump off the cliff
Okay . . . you are dead

Yes, if you haven’t put it together, especially with the play on words in the title of the post, I thought someone had made a movie out of “Zork.” I was so excited at first too. *Sigh*

For those who don’t know it, Zork was a text game by the company Infocom back in the early 80s. There were three original Zorks, followed by an RPGish Zork game, then in the age of CD games a few CD Zork based games. Nothing ever got close to the classic text game though. Something tells me you can probably download the originals somewhere online for free to play.


2 Responses to “Dorkily Wishful . . .”

KipEsquire Says:

My first thought was “Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome Meets Da Vinci Code Meets Star Blazers” 😉


Aravis Says:

You know, I think I played that with a friend; I seem to vaguely remember it. The movie looks good.