No Words Lately

I haven’t had too much to blog about lately. I seem to have become summer baby-sitter for the BF’s nieces and nephews. They always want to come over and play with the animals or the Wii. I also took them to the pool for swim lessons this week, fun! I actually got to sit around and read school work without too much distraction, so it worked out. I am trying convince them to go back more often, just so I can get out of the house and away from the internet . . . . But I can’t get in without them as they are part of the club and I can get in with them. However they are on the swim team, so it seems by time their practice is over, they are over the pool. I was never on swim team, but I remember we would stay at the pool all day long.

After being away last week, I finally started the PodRunner thing this week . . . after buying some decent shoes to run in as well. On Friday I’ll be officially done with week one. I could move on to week two at this point, as I did it once before leaving for vacation, but I am just going to wait and stay on a regular weekly schedule. I’ve also been finally giving the Wii Fit some decent attention, using it on the days I don’t run. I want to see what happens if you ever get to the weight loss goal you set for yourself. Hopefully it throws you a party or something. It will probably just say “Great, your no longer fat!”

The fourth is coming up, and living in the Philly area there are fireworks everywhere. We actually have two days of fireworks over in Philly, on the fourth and the fifth. Some of the townships in Jersey have already set theirs off, probably because everyone in Jersey is fleeing to the shore this week/end. I’m supposed to go to a party at Jen’s for the ones on the fifth of July. Should be fun!

Anyway, I didn’t take any photos of me last week while on vacation, except for one. It was hot and sticky and I wasn’t feeling much like being photographed. Plus I didn’t bring my tripod, so it wasn’t easy. I’m probably going back in August and my friend Keith wants to go this time, after seeing the youtube video of The Griffon 🙂 I plan to take the tripod to get some good night photos in Williamsburg this time.

Because I didn’t take any photos, here are some of me rolling around on the bed. Yeah I know, I didn’t smile. Sorry. I had to adjust the color because for most of them the flash was used, and did my best to match the natural light of the first one. You can see how the hair is coming along.


8 Responses to “No Words Lately”

Richard Says:

I really like the new official photo. Good posing makes the smile thing a non-issue. The last one you looked slightly evil (must have been the soul-patch) But this one is provocative and very flattering.


Becky Says:

I like the new pics! You look great in them:) The blonde has lost most of the “brassyness” and looks pretty darn good. I get my hair cut and colored tomorrow. About 8 inches is coming off and I haven’t decided the color yet:) Good luck with the running, you may inspire me yet!


Sherri Says:

LOL, I get my hair colored (ok, foils)tomorrow too. The pictures are very nice Dustin. I looked at the “Couch to 5K” and would like to try it sometime as well so keep us posted.


jeremy Says:

I like these photographs. You look really good.



BlogspotBecky Says:

sounds fun about the swimming. those are nice pictures Dustin of you.


Aravis Says:

I began running again last week. I did it all week. And now I’ve stopped because I tweaked out my knee again. But as soon as it’s healed, I’m running again.

I’m a glutton for punishment. I really am.

I never thought about it, but the 4th in Philly would be an amazing thing!


Janelle Says:

I like the new pictures!! And the hair looks good 🙂


Jennifer Says:

Cute pics! Hair looks so much better now, I think.