Hot and Sticky

I just got in, and really am only here to shower, cool down and rest before I go back out. I did Williamsburg with Zan and her girls today. We got a late start so I figured this was the bigger and probably more interesting thing to do (for kids) than Jamestown, which I can do on my own in 2 hours tomorrow morning before heading home. They live here and like I suggested, could do it early one morning right before they hit Busch Gardens again.

We toured the streets of Colonial Williamsburg, saw the houses, etc etc. It was fun and it seems they have a lot more to do than I remember from the last time I was here. Definitely a lot more for kids to do than when I was a kid. I took a bunch of pictures, but not too many. I didn’t want to be too dorky tourist. I’m going back soon for the ghost tour tonight. I’m going to head over early to try and just walk the streets and take pictures at dusk then get some dinner before my tour. They seem to have a lot of night programs there now too, I only remember a few before (the ghost tour being one).

The fun is soon to come to an end. Then it’s back home and back to writing. After seeing all this history I feel re-energized and motivated to get done 🙂


2 Responses to “Hot and Sticky”

Pyecraft Says:

Nice journey! Are you using any of the coupons or discounts that Busch Gardens Williamsburg is offering?

Save some dough, check out the VAVacationer site (hopefully I’m not too late, haha)

BTW, your pictures are awesome, man. Love the new hair.


Becky Says:

I hope you had a great time on the ghost tour. I remember being there as a small child and walking around, but not much else. Now that I’m older and appreciate history, I would love to go back. And go to Busch Gardens, too:)