Princess Has Issues

The following video was made very quickly by me this morning, so there isn’t much fanciness to it. In fact I didn’t even use the video editing software I bought, I did it all with the camera because I don’t have time to be fooling around this morning. We leave for Vegas soon! Anyway, anytime Princess sees me with a suitcase she goes into hysterics as she thinks I’m leaving her. This morning was pretty mild compared to her usual antics.


3 Responses to “Princess Has Issues”

Becky Says:

I forgot how cute Princess and Nikko are!! You are such a bad doggy daddy for leaving your babies:) Have a great time in Vegas!


Sherri Says:

I thought it was cute how Grim came briefly into view to see what the fuss was all about too. All your furry babies are cute. Have a good time on your trip.


Lori Says:

Hey, if I was at your house and you were leaving for Vegas without me, I would be doing the same thing!